[NA] Leafside Cabin [LSC] (PvX) is recruiting New/Returnee/Veteran GW2 enthusiasts! [INTERNATIONAL] — Guild Wars 2 Forums
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[NA] Leafside Cabin [LSC] (PvX) is recruiting New/Returnee/Veteran GW2 enthusiasts! [INTERNATIONAL]

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Excelsior adventurers!

Leafside Cabin[LSC] is a brand new/growing Public Discord Community that serves as a bridge between guilds & the guildless in Gw2 while also extending our hands to those in need. We HIGHLY recommend everyone to check out our Discord Server in case you're curious about our guild! [^O^]

Before you ask: NO, you don't have to join our guild in order to join our discord community! It's a public server after all!

We are:

  • Laid-back Guildwars 2 enthusiasts that are interested in having fun together across the world under the same sky that aims to expand our community as a place that don't mind extending our hands to those in need. =)
  • Helpful dummies people that don't mind spending their time guiding players in Guildwars2.
  • Based on SEA/Oceanic Region that wishes expand towards NA/UK active time.

What we do:

  • A little bit of everything that covers most of the PvE/vP area.
  • Sharing happy/sad/scary moments, talk bout life, etc.
  • Mentorship within our abilities for people that wishes to understand certain part of the game more.

What we have:

  • Helpful & fresh environment for new players/veterans alike to catch-up to.
  • Friendly mentors that don't mind spending their time guiding people in whatever situation that's within our abilities. o7
  • A brand new guild hall that has almost no upgrades yet! (Working on it as we speak!)
  • No rep rule in [LSC] but in case you'd want to rep for us, we truly appreciate that from the bottom of our hearts. <3 o7
  • An active Multi-Gaming Discord Server that allows other guilds as well as those without guilds/that doesn't want to join our guild to advertise their guilds/META/Train runs/events/LF Static Group/etc.
  • Proper rules/moderators/bots/set-up to make things neat & working as intended. :3

What we want:

  • Active new/Casual/Veteran/Returning players Guildwars2 enthusiasts.
  • Other guilds/people using our discord to advertise their stuff. :D
  • Looking for Sub-Leaders/Officers/Guidemaker/Mentors/etc to support our guild/community by taking responsibilities in certain stuff.
  • Expand our community further in the future to have our very own Emojis/Wallpapers/Mascots <(>(OO)<)>

If you're interested please don't hesitate to contact us in our discord server or DM "DaBoy#9668" on Discord or Whisper DaBoy.4923 in-game in case I'm online. You may reply below v too if you prefer! ^w^

Come & be a part of our adventure today by joining either of these discord links below! Check us out for more information!


Either way, thank you for spending your time to read this post & I wish for you & your close ones to be safe amidst the pandemic. <3



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    We've just did our first ever Guild Mission & claimed our guild hall (Windswept Haven) last week! \o/

  • Bump! We've finally reached the 20 members milrstone! \o/