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LF a Fractal CM Static (UTC+1)

I'm a Veteran that started playing again in Jan 2020 after i've stopped in 2014. I was a member of a semi-speedclear Guild in 2014. The first Goal were the Raids after i've seen they've been implemented into the game. After now two legendary Armors and the 3rd in progress, i wanted to start getting into Fractal CMs. I can offer experience with different classes like pSB, any form of Guardian Builds and Mesmer. I played alac in t4s a bit, but i guess i can't say that i can play it viable in CMs.

I have 3 old kp, cause i was running it as an filler with a static as BS when i started playing again. I'd like to join a static that may has no exp but has knowledge about their classes (Meta Builds) and some of the CMs. With Knowledge about the CMs i mean the own interest in looking for actual tactics. My online times are typically from 6 (or 7)pm to 9pm (UTC+1). I usualy clear T4s + recs every day. You can contact me in game or via discord: BoobyMan#5402

Cya! o/