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My Core Guardian Build

I have had trouble making a build for the Guardian for the longest time, but now I think I finely got one that works in PvE. This one forces on Aegis and Retaliation up time for protection and damages. It also uses the burn since he will do it no matter what and a lot of uptime for boons.


  • Infusion.7149Infusion.7149 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 14, 2021

    Burning actually doesn't do massive damage without condition damage , it's merely 131 damage per second without added stats. It does help with Radiant Power trait for the damage bonus though.

    Instead of Shattered Aegis I would run Symbolic Avenger. Shattered Aegis cannot critically hit and the damage under your build is around 700ish only (below auto-attack damage on greatsword even without crits).

    As you don't have healing power I would run sword+shield instead of mace+shield because the sword has fury on its symbol as well as a gap closer. It would also proc Inner Fire (which you run over the typical Right Hand Strength) much quicker due to the sword multi-hit attack, Zealot's Defense. For any power build I would run Sword of Justice or Bane Signet instead of "Save Yourselves!".

    Instead of running Rune of Sanctuary I'd probably run Fireworks or Pack Runes.

    I do have to ask why focus on retaliation though. It does not actually protect you from damage and with your current gear you are only at 70% crit chance (+10% vs burning = 80%) even with retal up so you still need Fury. By running wrathful spirit over Fiery Wrath you basically give up 7% free damage bonus. People typically run boon duration for boons such as quickness , might, and protection.

  • Many traits make Retaliation good, like giving 10% damages and 25% crit chance, which seems good to me. I meant to use burning to actives fury and now add more damages to my attacks.
    Made changes to it.