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[EU][Raids] Chill Raid Static recruiting!

Hey there,

We are a relaxed raid static looking to fill up to 10 again. We have 1 spot available at the moment.

About us:

  • We raid 2 evenings a week, Mondays & Fridays 20:00 CET.

  • We have cleared everything except Dhuum and Qadim1, havent tried them yet as we are only raiding for a few months.

What we ask for:

  • 200+ LI

  • Experience on W1-4 and most of W5-7.

  • Be communicative and active.

  • It would greatly benefit us if you could play some important roles, eg:

  • Tank Chronomancer

  • RR Renegade

  • Other Healer builds or Quickness/Alac support are also greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading, if you are interested, please contact me on Discord Malphas#9705 or ingame on Malphas.1873.