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[Material Storage] Silver doubloons not in order

Granted, it's more a suggestion than a bug report, but is there a reason why the slot to store Silver Doubloons comes after Copper, Gold and Platinum Doubloons? Shouldn't it be placed between Copper and Gold?


  • Infusion.7149Infusion.7149 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It's alphabetical.

  • Haaznahnuff.1907Haaznahnuff.1907 Member ✭✭
    edited 1:51PM

    A sound reason. Yeah, most of the gemstones are organised in non-alphabetically sorted categories (pebbles, nuggets, ...), and inside those categories, they are always sorted alphabetically. So you're right for the Doubloons as such a category. But are they? As for other categories, all items inside have the same selling value, and that's not the case as for Doubloons, who rather follow the increase in value of the corresponding precious metals.

    Also, newly added gemstones aren't sorted alphabetically, and many if not all other materials follow different, sometimes elaborate sorting/organization schemes. We even have Orbs not grouped together as a category.

    So I guess that designers have quite the freedom to sort Doubloons how they want to. I still think that displaying them per selling value (= metal value) would be best. A small change only doable if it requires a small work, I know.