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Bug - Crafting - 24-Slot Cowrie League Saddlebag can not discovered for crafting.

I am trying to get a 28-Slot Cowrie League Saddlebag, however the 24 Cowrie league saddlebag I just crafted is not appearing in the discovery tab, so i can't upgrade it.
My crafting in tailor is 500 so I should be able to craft it, I can craft everything else.
I don't know if it is an error or bag or somethhing you just missed? I have NOT soulbounded the bag to the character as that bag is for another character
I have already made two 28 slot bags on my guardian using Armoursmithing.
Since I have a 20 material slot on my guardian, I wanted to upgrade that 20 slot one into to a 28 slot material bag like the other bags.
I have Path of fire. I followed the wiki for the other recipes. So I don't know what's wrong.

Here are some screenshots to help
https://www.dropbox.com/s/npzaq3xkb7vxqwf/gw160.jpg?dl=0 - there is the bank tab, you can see the 24 slot bag in there, right next to my five runes holding, its NOT soulbound, yet

screenshots of all items that can be crafted together in discovery tab, the runes of holding are in there, but no sign of the bag i just crafted

Switched back to my guardian to show you that i've crafted a couple of the other bags

I sent a ticket but no reply, I was wondering if anyone else if having this same issue?

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