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Soulbeast in Fractals

Fade.1743Fade.1743 Member ✭✭

Recently I've been enjoying playing through open world (solo and group) as my Soulbeast where before I was playing Reaper and Scrapper/Holomancer. I also have enjoyed Fractals immensely. However, I've noticed that I can barely stay above 25% HP (using Marauder Armor/zerker everything else) as enemies are constantly targetting me. I know this comes from the extra stats from the Beastmastery line.

Is Soulbeast even really viable for Fractals? It's been causing me immense amounts of stress to even attempt Fractals when I have to spend every moment of them being targetted by everything. How have people dealt with this before?


  • Noodle Ant.1605Noodle Ant.1605 Member ✭✭✭
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    i dont think extra stats mean much, the enemies in fracs do not follow a strict aggro system. ive played my f2p mes in fracs and wondered if the ai was being smart cuz they kept targeting me for some reason, i have the lowest toughness guaranteed since im talking about t4 with ppl with extra stat mastery (+225 toughness just by having 150 ar and pots, f2p has no access)

    its random, theres not much you can do when this happens except try to survive, at least everyone else can freecast cuz they have 0 pressure on them

  • Hannelore.8153Hannelore.8153 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    There's no fixed rules for this, but the aggro outside of raids generally targets the closest, highest damager.

    It sounds like your party has poor DPS, and Soulbeast shines in those situations due to having the pet, which does as much DPS with Beastmastery line as your average player with poor boon uptime or a poor rotation.

    It can also be from playing melee in a mostly ranged party.

    Regardless, just having Marauder's armor isn't sufficient if you want to survive being the target. You can't play a (mostly) glass DPS in a group that isn't built for it. You should either join guild premades, experienced LFGs or adjust your stats.

    You can probably brute force it on your current build by using Fractal Defensive Potions (25%), taking Moa Stance & Protect Me (33%) and Guard (33%) Command skills, since the effects stack together and will make you nearly invulnerable with a bit of healing.

    Taking Wilderness Survival makes it even stronger, due to Companion's Defense and Rugged Growth., especially with Fractal Mobility Potions and a source of Vigor, which caps the Endurance Regneration rate.

    (Oakheart's Salve also provides an additional 5% damage reduction with Regeneration boon on you.)

    If you do this though I'd just ditch your Marauder's armor entirely for Berserker's, or even Diviner's. With Stance sharing Soulbeast is a pretty decent DPS booner for the party, since boons aren't affected by the reduced Stance duration on allies.

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  • Trevor Boyer.6524Trevor Boyer.6524 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Soulbeast is one of the best and most flexible fractal classes, both power and condi variants.

    If you're having trouble in fractals as Soulbeast, I suggest taking out the least important utility on your bar and always bring Dolyak Stance.

  • I've always played full zerker Soulbeast in fractals and the problem rises, as someone mentioned, when your party has low DPS. I always change one of my utility skills to "Protect Me". It's a life saver. Also, when merged with Red Moa, your F1 skill should give you a VERY little amount of healing, but it should help you sometimes. If there's too much knock backs going on, you might wanna bring Dolyak Stance instead of "Protect Me". Additionally, when merged with Smokescale, your F2 skill should give your several evades in a row. Ofc this comes with a DPS loss then compared to Red Moa or Rock Gazelle. But it might be worth it in situations when you have to fight too many mobs at once.

  • Infusion.7149Infusion.7149 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    If you have a heal firebrand (or even any firebrand that times aegis properly) in your group then it should not be an issue. Also soulbeast is highly effective when things can be reflected which is why it is used on Shattered Observatory and Nightmare with the axe offhand.

    Which tier are you playing by the way?

  • Fade.1743Fade.1743 Member ✭✭

    Ah, I should update now that I'm free. IDK why anyone would think increased toughness does not increase aggro. I know it doesn't work like other MMOs, but having higher toughness (and/or a shield) also increase the chance for being attacked. Back when I was having issues, I'd wait about 5-10 seconds after everyone else, hit a few abilities, and immediately draw aggro.

    Anyway, swapping in Dolyak Stance for the first slot (using Sic 'Em, and the ferocity Signet) that's free to replace helped out a lot. I also started using the Defensive Potions even in Tier 2. I got so used to the huge amount of defense that Reaper brings that I'd only use them for Tier 3.

    As for Tier, I either do T2 or T3 at the moment. I've just recently unlocked T4, but I don't have enough AR to be able to do much into it. I'm not really in a rush for it either. Really the fights that were frustrating me were Mai Trinn (only slightly less annoying than original release back in 2013) and the new pirate one where the stupid filter means I can't tell which AoE is on me if I don't see the target reticle for the split second.