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Open letter to Jeremy Soule and Asja Kadric

This is an open letter to Jeremy Soule and Asja Kadric, the creators of the soundtrack "Fear not this night".

Dear Mrs. Kadric and Mr. Soule,

With these words, I want to convey my appreciation and gratitude for this song you created.
I have been going through rough times in my real life for the last few years, and I likely will for several more. Both of my parents got fatally ill (both with lung cancer) and I got to quit my job so that I can take care of them, with the ever-present knowledge that their time among us is numbered.

These are difficult times for me, and more often than not I want nothing more than to shout my rage and frustration into the moonlit night skies. On these nights, there is one particular song that calms me down and gives me a little bit of solace, the one you created.

It is thanks to you that I know, that hope is just a sunrise away...

Thank you, for everything.