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Aurene must die </3



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    Yet Sadizi does say entities and not strictly Elder Dragons which would fit nicely for the Spirits of the Wild, especially if they are balancing the magic with one another. They may also need Braham in terms of harnessing the power too, which may take him out of the story for a while.

    Well, it certainly would make for a great turn of events. I prefer Norn mythology over Asuran sciene explanation and Elder Dragons - it would help steering Guild Wars back into the genre of classic fantasy, which would make for exciting story-telling instead of boring magi-tech blahblah.

    I actually enjoy the scientific approach to this stuff.

    The game is still heavily based on fantasy. But scientific approaches to magic enables way better storytelling in my opinion. The best magic systems I encountered so far have been in romans which had pseudo-scientific explanations about how magic actually works.
    Because this attaches rules and mechanisms to magic.

    Without these, magic will serve as a deus ex machina in any given situation. If you don't clearly define what magic really is and how it works/what it can do, then you can always use the cop out of "the character suddenly uses a magic spell that does this and that and BOOM, they are saved!". Which is.... extremely boring.
    If your magic system has clear rules, which are communicated with the audience, then you can create situations which can not easily be solved through some magic mambo-jambo and your characters have to find a more creative way to solve situations.

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    LS4 ep5 turned it into a cliché.

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    I want her to sleep. I don't want her to die in EoD.