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Weekly Friday Night Fashion Contests

Fashion Contests every Friday night with sign up beginning at 11:30pm EST. (Sorry so late but work and life comes first)
No Outfits allowed!

Prizes: 50g for 1st, 25g for 2nd, 10g for 3rd. Skins, Mats, and Dye giveaways as well.
Prizes will increase based on turnout.
Events are live streamed.

1st Friday of each month; Fashion Contest
2nd Friday of each month; Doubles with your choice of theme - Prizes doubled.
3rd Friday of each month; Holiday Fashion
4th Friday of each month; Cosplay Fashion
5th Friday of each month; Randomly Picked or Anything Goes

Goes up in party search as early as 11:15pm and will also be advertised in cities.
If you need to contact, feel free to message I check every day.