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Unlocking raid mastery track

I've never done raids, and from reading about them they don't seem to be something i want to spend the needed time to master.
I do however want to unlock the raid mastery track, simply because i would like to increase my max mastery level. I already have leftover MP for HoT to spend.
I looked at LFG and read a bunch of posts but it seems like raids are difficult to get into. people on lfg all seem to expect a ton of experience and are all pretty cryptic looking too.
Does anyone have tips on how i could simply do one raid to unlock the track? Or would it really take a lot of time to get the experience?
mind you, I'm not part of a guild (or looking to join one) and i only have one irl friend who plays, so i can't just group up with friends.

Thanks for any info


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    So in NA, there's tons of people advertising for paid kills, I bought a Dhuum kill from them once. You could just pay someone for a kill and it should unlock on your first boss kill. I would do a W1-W4 kill just to be sure, in case it's tied to Maguuma raids specifically. PM me if you want to know who I used.

  • Ayrilana.1396Ayrilana.1396 Member ✭✭✭✭

    There are training guilds and some encounters which are easy to unlock the mastery. The escort encounter at the start of wing 3 and the prisoner encounter in the middle of wing 2 are fairly easy to do. Mursaat Overseer in wing 4 is very painless to do.

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    Just like Firebeard recommended your best bet is to purchase a kill. That is if you have no intention of getting into raids. Just make sure you tell them you just want to unlock the raid mastery track. That way they know they just have to do the easiest instance to get you what you want. I would guess it would cost some where in the realm of 100 to 200 gold. Some people only accept mystic coins so be ready for that. Its pretty easy to find a seller if you look in the LFG under raids.

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  • ok, i guess i'll see if i can find a training session that will allow me to join.
    If not, i can afford to splurge on this
    thanks for the info

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    @Jeroen.2397 said:
    ok, i guess i'll see if i can find a training session that will allow me to join.
    If not, i can afford to splurge on this
    thanks for the info

    Give it a shot. Try not to give to much about what others say, the drama and hyperbole in the forum is at level 1,000 and above.

    Ideally use a training discord and not the lfg, EU has Crossroads Inn, US has the Raid Academy. Many guilds also have raid rosters and often more casual raid guilds will train new players (one which I am member of does) which is a great way to get to know new people. Good Luck.

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    @Jeroen.2397 said:
    ok, i guess i'll see if i can find a training session that will allow me to join.
    If not, i can afford to splurge on this
    thanks for the info

    Honestly raids are not as hard as you think. Despite the picture this forum likes to paint they are not super hard and generally a lot of fun.
    Look for training groups or join a larger guild with raid training groups.
    Expect to run discord.
    Have at least exotic gear, and a build that isn't awful.

    Don't fall for this whole "you need to buy a carry" nonsense. It will be a much more meaningful experience if you put in a little effort.

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    You can unlock the Raid Mastery line by killing a w1-w4 boss.
    Siege the Stronghold (the first W3 encounter) also counts for this, you can look for a group doing that mission (you might find it as "w3 escort" in lfg). and its a fairly simple encounter where you don't have to worry about underperforming or dragging your group back since its essentially a 10 man open world event where numbers doesn't really matter much.

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  • Cairn, MO, Samarog, Escort, KC, Gorseval, River are completely easy for anyone to learn extremely quickly. Just get some decent offensive gear, watch a guide from mighty teapot, and join some pugs. You probably can get away with some WvW gear if you run support. There is no real reason to buy a dhuum kill, you can get any of the boss kills I listed with a little bit of work.

  • One morning I posted an lfg or something like W1 all welcome or something like that. To my surprise we got a full group. Only time doing raids but we got the kill on Vale Guardian so I got the masteries unlocked. Try a post yourself, maybe ask for roles, but say all welcome so people aren’t expecting KP or anything. Some exp guys may join just to help out like they did with my group.