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DRM are not what we think?



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    Imo lw and expansions would imrpove if story missions were solo/group content like drms. Extra point if they have rare drops and achievements to promote replayability.

    Also strikes, major fights in story could then be strikes for groups.

    I agree with that. The solo story bosses is a format that doesn't work imo, makes it feel like the BIG END BOSS of the expansion is just a stupid dummy that you can face alone and easy win with little to no effort during the fight.

    A "strike mission style" last chapter would be great. Imagine creating strike mission for big bosses like mordremoth and balthazar. Not only the end of the story would feel much more epic and significant, we also would have more end game contant that remains and is replayable. Great idea my friend.

    The end for core story was story mode of the dungeon Arah, players dident like that they all of a sudden had to group to finish story so I doubt Anet will make that mistake again.

    I remember the last core story boss fight is a single player content, and i can remember the horrible fight with zaithan where u just press one key on the cannon to damage and kill him, and who in the world would prefer this horrible content to a strike mission where u have a real epic fight against zaithan?

    People didn't like to play arah story mode as "final chapter"(i can't remember that but it was in 2013, so might be my memory -404 memory not found).
    People don't like a lot of contents in gw2 but yet we have it. Players will never have all the same tastes, but they can focus on what players that play the game a lot of time want (players where they get most of the money from) . And i suppose you are saying that anet wont do this while you would like it, am I right?

    They changed it at release it was a 5 man dungeon instance.
    Yes there was alot of complaints that their story ended with a party instance.

    Mostly because it was a kitten ending. Having multiple "commanders" didnt even make sense in your own story finale.

    Strike missions for last boss fight in story chapters really hype me a lot, but i guess the problem is real.

    But i think they could solve the problem if they want! The question is "will they consider a strike mission for the final boss fight in the story"? I hope so :D

    Hope not!!!!!!!!!

    So you prefer to spam 1 :confused:

    LMAO! You really have no idea at all how I play. I do know that forced strike missions are something I don't want.

    +1 from me - I don't spam 1, but I also do not feel like having forced strikes for story completion. I'm not looking for great gameplay when it comes to story instances, I'd prefer something more engaging than Zhaitan but nothing close to the time-padded nature of DRMs. I actually really liked the pre-nerf Caudecus fight from LWS3, and would welcome more story bosses like that.

    They could have the story missions follow a drm structure and then for kajor bosses have a stike mission mode after completion.