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average damage for warrior in cm fractals?

Basically the title says it, trying to find out how much damage a bs warrior should be doing in a cm fractal. Both buffed and non buffed. Tried asking around, and looking up.


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    I dunno exactly the DPS you are supposed to aim for but generally thru my times playing fractal CM on a warrior (Fractal God, 227 AR, +9power+5 agony infusion) I would say at minimum (if your not focusing on CC-ing much) is around 42-47K burst dps while maintaining an end DPS of roughly 15-22K depending on the fight. - Assuming you dont pepega and mess up the initial burst rotation XD

    Do take note that these numbers are the things I normally get. Some people might get higher than me since they have more min-maxing experience over warrior in a good group setup. Although I do see some warriors in CM struggling to reach even 20K burst DPS sooooo my numbers might not be on the average side of things.

    Oh yeah. this is on a BannerSlave Warrior.

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    If you play warrior well in CM99 and 98, you can outdps everyone except for the most advanced dps meta players. If you're looking for a goal, have this in mind.

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  • This is a very difficult question to answer as all power DPS (yes even warrior) do a ton of spike damage, and gradually drop till a phase. Furthermore, things like impact sigil uptime become an issue here, as well as silly boons like swiftness uptime, and physical damage modifiers from mending. You can keep up with most DPS, especially if you only take one mace, and make sure you in Berserk mode the longest time possible for the fight. I suggest you look at Discretize.eu for how to maximize your impact in CMs.

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    What Armen said.
    Usually, you should be top 1 or top 2 dps in your party, both with buff and non buff. Since a warrior rotation is very simple, I'm assuming we talk about bannerslave here. And the cleave from axe is insane. Plus, you can move around with the axe spin so you could just cleave all the mobs and grab top dps easily unless against tryhard dps players.
    I'd say looking at something consistent around 17k-32k. The shorter the fight, the bigger the burst, and you can go up higher. But it should be decent in between 15k-19k for starters. Some fights, you'll have more roles than the others and it's your job to cc, to do thing A, thing B, that may reduce your potential damage a lot. But still.
    A good warrior friend of mine told me that the difference between a normal and a great warrior is that one does their cc, they cancel cast their last auto attack, and they still manage to grab top dps.
    I'm nowhere near that good but in my own experience, I'd say timing your burst is also important. Because I know when I started playing banner, I'd just spam the same rotation right? But then mobs/mini boss spawned, and all my stuff are on cd, so that reduced my potential dps a lot. But it's just me.

  • Obviously depends on a lot of things.
    How long the phases are.
    How good the cc is.
    How good the boons are.
    How good/bad the instabs are.
    How high your ar and titles/attunements are.
    How many Mechanics you get at curtain Bosses.
    Average Numbers for me with 200 kp hfb-pugs, average instabs, 222 ar and fractal champion are :
    Final Target Dps Numbers
    Mama ~ 20 k
    Siax ~26-30k
    Enso 23-25k
    Skorvald ~10-12k
    Art ~10-13k
    Arkk ~19-20k

    And no, I can't agree that you should go all in on cc and sacrifice your own Dps too much for cc like playing with mace/Mace on second set at bosses outside of art.
    You obviously should do your part and for example bring wild blow for Mama or swap to axe/mace for tremor for adds at Mama despite it being a dps-loss, but playing the cc-bot for your team just so your dps-players can greed dps and don't do their part of the cc isn't the right call imo. I do my part of the cc and if someone else won't or slacks and doesn't do their part I rather fail and do it clean again or leave the group after a few tries if people can't properly cc at all. The times were warrior is the cc-bot for greedy dps is over since berserker bs and you can actually outdps a lot of Dps-players on curtain bosses without slacking on your cc-part at all.