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Api page empty

o/ all,
the page @ https://account.arena.net/applications is completly empty. I 've opened a ticket and the answer was to post the the problem here.
Thanks for help


  • Nokomis.5076Nokomis.5076 Member ✭✭✭

    define completely empty.

    Do you even see the tabs for Overview, Settings, Security and all? Top and Bottom banner with ArenaNet logos?

    Was I able to help you or give you a hint? Click on Helpful and/or Thumbs up, I would appreciate it alot!
    When you encounter a bug ingame, at first you should file a ticket via the ingame command /bug, as only this way the devs will know exactly where you were, when the bug happened.

  • Merakk.7259Merakk.7259 Member
    edited February 1, 2021

    yes i see all the other pages like Overview, Settings, Security etc, but the Applications page is complety blank with nothing to interact with.

  • Hey, I also have this same exact problem, did you manage to get it fixed ?