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    @Hombre Queso.7523 said:

    @Fire Attunement.9835 said:
    Okay, it looks like we're all good here. The update is live and we've swatted that brief connectivity issue. Thank you _all _for your patience today!

    Is there any plan to extend the festival by a day or anything? I took the day off of work today to get a head start on the festival, so I'm a little bummed out about the issues. Understanding, but bummed.

    Wiki says it goes on until the 23rd, so there's no rush on anything. It was only delayed by about 3 hours or so

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    I hope this festival gets a big upgrade soon because compared to the other festivals is quite... lets say is not very festive. This should be a spring festival. Colorful with flowers and maybe flower petals floating in the air or butterflies and stuff like that. The floor could be made to look like it is covered with flower petals. There was plenty of snow for Wintersday so why not many flowers for spring. I would also remove 2 thirds of the red umbrellas. There are way too many. Replace them with cherry blossoms to go even better with the asian theme maybe.

    I know these things take a lot of time and effort to develop and implement but I really see this festival as a huge missed opportunity for something great.

    P.S. Some music would also help a lot.

    Live and let live I say.