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Question on buying the game for a friend.

I was considering buying the game for a friend and wanted to know how soon the old expacs would be bundled into the upcoming EoD expac (So I know whether to wait for the expac to go on presale or buy PoF and HoT more immediately). Will they be bundled in immediately, or will it be perhaps a year before they're bundled in? Also, another question my friend lives in the phillipines and I live in the usa, Can I purchase the game on DLGamer and send them the code? Or will this set off red flags?


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    I would assume that PoF and EoD will be seperate for a while with a bundled version as a third option but I have no idea. Iirc then HoT wasn't included in PoF immediately either but idk.

    ~~Regarding the DLGamer thing: Anet doesn't do anything if problems with your key arise when you buy them from unofficial resellers. Often times key seller sites are involved in credit card fraud or other illegal stuff which invalidates your purchases. If the key happens to be invovled in some sketchy stuff then your friend will probably lose their account without any compensation. So either buy from Anet directly or from one of the official resellers. They go on sale quite often too.
    But don't take my word please, feel free to do your own research on that topic.~~ Nevermind, I didn't know DLGamer is legit/an official reseller.

  • DLGamer is an authorized retailer, so no problem purchasing a Serial Key and sending it to your friend.
    As to when previous expansions will be included in the upcoming expansion, no one knows; I doubt it will be right away.