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Wrecking[Krew] NA est reform on Darkhaven now recruiting

Hadan.2841Hadan.2841 Member ✭✭
edited February 26, 2021 in Looking For Guild

Wrecking[Krew] is a returning zerg busting guild on Darkhaven aiming to run an oldschool style to wvw. Our goal is to have a solid 20man during our runs.

Current Raid Nights
Monday/Wednesday/Saturday 8pm est.

1 reaper
1 Rev
1 scrapper
1 tempest
1. Take constructive criticism
2. Discord/Mic
3. Guild builds
4. Leave your egos at the door, we can careless where you been and who you been with.
5. Listen and follow directions
6. Teamplayer mindset
7. 2 week trial period(see if we mesh well or not)
8. Have some thick skin. We joke, we trash talk eachother and have fun.

Check out our old vids from when we use to play to see what you can somewhat expect.


Contact me on discord at Hadan#5589 for the quickest way to get a response and lets talk and see if we are a good fit