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Halloween Parade And Costume Contest Na servers!

Where: starting in Lion Arch by the light house.
When: Oct 28 6pm pst
Sponsored by the Sinister Swarm Gw2 chapter

The will be Different categories you can be in more than one category.

Best Themed Costume and Best Original Costume
And there will be a best over all

Many prizes to be had and much fun to be had!! Contest is open to everyone !!!


  • I'm really looking forward to it! I have 2 characters ready to enter the costume contest - and although this event is brought to you by the Sinister Swarm Gaming Community (www.SinisterSwarm.com) the contest and PRIZES are open to EVERYONE!! Come on out and join us for a fun evening in the gorgeously decorated Halloween fun land of Lion's Arch! The only rule is the costume has to be something you put together yourself (to show originality), and not a prepared costume purchased from the gem store, although you can use items purchased there individually. So disguise your toon as your favorite Halloween, Superhero, Villain, TV or movie character, etc . and come out and join us for an evening of fun!