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in-game mail system phishing

The in-game mail system is auto-filling the "To" field for people both in my blocked-list and those in my followed-list.
Even if I block a user, the in-game mail system defaults to their account/names and it actually allows me to mail them (again even if they're blocked!)

Can this be adjusted - or user-options available to how the to-system auto-fill selection gets filled?
I would think friends/party/sub-group/guild would have priority over people in my blocked list (and follower list for that matter).

This is terribly exploitable - I am tired of accidentally mail'ing people that have similar account/toon names as friends and family.

Please fix, or disable the auto-fill if 0 time is going to be allocated to it.


  • Makes sense. I mean, if I block someone, it means I ___DO NOT___ want anything to do with them. So accidentally sending them something is NOT what I want to do.

    I think the auto-populate should fill based on friends list, and manual typing for everyone else, unless it is someone you regularly forward to. If that person ends up on your blocked list, then they should be placed under a cannot send or non-autofill, for the least.

  • I agree this is a really screwed up thing , it should also apply to the TP when sending a gift. Even if you use a filter it does not work, I sent 2 gifts to 1 person and the first time I had to type in acct. name the second time I had to type on toon name! I don't know why the same acct. name would not show up the second time?? I have had a gift go to the wrong acct. because of this, it should just be acct. name based.

  • Yeah the usernames of block list people should never be suggested for autofill anywhere.