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Probable roles based on class icons at start?


Coming from Dota, a huge part of my game was in the picking stage and basing how I was going to play the game based on what "heroes" everyone else picked (and therefore the overall synergy between myself and the 9 other players in lobby). I notice in guides from plat gw2 players that they always look at the icons at start and try to determine what roles the other 9 have, and therefore how they need to play. This is especially important as a thief main I would think.

So I've been studying a bit, and I've got the basic concept of the 4 referred to roles- DPS/Sup/Duel/Roam.. I get that this pigeon-holing is a little bit simplistic with some builds being hard into a particular role, and others having more license to improvise depending on the situation, but at this point I just want to get a handle on this first part. In order to do this, I need to first figure out what the general meta notion for class -> role is so that I can put that downtime to good use like I used to do in Dota.

The generalities I've picked up are things like:
-thief is almost certainly roamer
-necro is almost certainly dps
-guardian builds are usually some form of teamfight (either dps or sup, or blend of both)

The others I have some vague notions but far from certain. I haven't finished my qualifiers yet for ranked but I suspect I am in high silver / low gold meta based on guildies I've played with and their ratings.


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    So you wanna know what icon mostly could be which role?

  • @Avatar.3568 said:
    So you wanna know what icon mostly could be which role?

    From what I notice in guides and such most classes are likely to be 1 or 2 roles (elite specs taken into account ofc) if they are playing to meta, apart from rev which I hear repeatedly "can do everything".

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    @Tridentuk.1625 said:

    @Avatar.3568 said:
    So you wanna know what icon mostly could be which role?

    From what I notice in guides and such most classes are likely to be 1 or 2 roles (elite specs taken into account ofc) if they are playing to meta, apart from rev which I hear repeatedly "can do everything".

    There is listed role for each build

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    Okay than I'll tell you all. But keep in mind you can play rly everything on every spec, so in lower leagues it may can differ, I will tell you for the specs the most common and second common build/role.

    Core Thief - 1. P/d condi dps/roamer
    Dare devil - 1. D/p power roamer/dps
    2. S/d duel/roamer (I am not sure but I think it's duelbuild)
    Dead eye - 1. Rifle + D/p power dps

    Core Ranger 1. Gs/lb duel (sometimes with gs/axe/dagger
    2. Condi trapper axe/d s/f duel
    Druid 1. Gs/lb decap druid duel
    2. Support druid staff s/wh
    Soulbeast 1. Condi d/d + sb duel
    2. Power gs/lb dps/roamer

    Core guard 1. Support 2. Burn
    Dragonhunter 1. Burn 2. Power with lb
    Firebrand 1. Idk rly idk but I think some power/condi hybrid 2. Support

    Warrior and berserker are a bit weird, lower leagues play it completely different than higher leagues so here does come a lower higher build

    Core warrior lower Axe/axe +gs teamfight/dps
    Core warrior higher axe/sh + gs with shouts either as support or as duelist
    Berserker lower axe/axe glasscanon dps
    Berserker higher condi duelist
    Spellbreaker 1. Support with shouts
    2. Duelist d/sh + gs

    Core necro 1. Condi teamfight
    2. Minion master teamfight/duelist
    Reaper 1. power teamfight/dps
    2. Power duelist
    Scourge 1. Support 2. Condi both teamfight
    3. Minionmaster duel

    Core mesmer "1" shot dps 2. Condi
    Chrono 1 shot dps
    Mirage 1. "1" shot dps 2.condi dps/duelist
    Ps: all mesmer can roam

    Core engi ????? Roam idk
    Scrapper 1. Power duel/decap
    2. Power dps throw all
    Holo 1. Power duel 2. Power roam/dps

    Core ele 1. Power dps
    Tempest 1. Support 2. Saw some dmg tempest
    Weaver 1. Fireweaver condi duelist with high condi dmg 2. Lightningrod dps/roamer 3.watereaver duelist no dps 4. Fresh air weaver dps/roamer

    Rev, yes it can do all stuff
    Core Rev not sure but I think duelist and roamer both possible
    Herald 1. Power herald roamer/dps
    2. Condi herald duel/teamfight
    Renegade 1. Roamer/dps

    This is just a short list I made at work I hope it helps a bit out, if someone has suggestions I can edit it

  • @Avatar.3568
    This is fantastic, thanks for going through all that effort

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    Whats the difference between DPS and roamer? In PvE you get to freecast, so classifying an offensive build as DPS makes sense, but in PvP - especially with roamer as a separate category - I don't get what role this would be.

    As far as I am concerned, the roles are:
    Roamer - as fast and as offensive as possible, not meant to survive prolonged focus. Roamers can often oneshot each other. Rotations and +1-ing fights is its job.
    Bruiser - this is what you called duelist. Mostly holds down a sidenode, its durable in a fight, and has some gimmick or deals enough damage to force others offpoint.
    Support - basicly a bunker healer. Some builds have more healing, some have more utility, point is it's mpossible to kill without focus, and has tools to keep teammates alive aswell.

    Whatever class you're playing, you take its toolkit and try to bend it to one of these roles the best you can. This is what gives builds variety. Everything is just an attempt at being a roamer, a bruiser, or a support. The best attempts (ease to play also plays a role here)are the metabuilds. Learning the metabuilds is useful, Metabattle and godsofpvp are both useful sources for that.
    Also people are most enslaved to the meta in middle tiers. People below that don't give a hoot, people in the highest tiers can pull off whatever they feel like playing. So dont go thinking every warrior is a healbreaker, don't assume every dragonhunter is condi (you can eat an 10K true shot), etc. Most of them are, but when you face the odd one out, you'll get stomped pretty fast.

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    Some classes have multiple builds and play atyles right

    If you see a soulbeast it could be power or condi trapper

    Cire guardian has 4 viable builds

    The best way to find out is run to their base pre match and some of them might attack you, so you have a hint what they're using