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Playing on External SSD on work laptop.

Hi guys,
I need some help. Sitting home with covid at the moment and my partner working from home/ using my pc space with my monitor:D
So I am wondering how can I play the game on my work laptop during the day?
Work laptop requires admin password for everything I install so installing game into it is not possible.
I found some info about playing through external SSD drives.
Before I buy external drive, just want to double check: if I install/ copy game from my PC to external SSD and plug it into laptop, when launching game from SSD via laptop, will it require admin password to run application?
Anyone tried it/ have any tips?
Thanks in advance


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    The game runs fine from an external SSD. When using a USB 3.x controller, you won't notice any difference to an internal SSD.

    You can even use an old USB 2.0 controller and it loads faster than from an internal HDD, because the access times of the SSD are more important for the game than the bandwith of the USB controller.

    Over the years I have run the game from an internal Samsung 850 Evo (SATA III), an internal 970 Evo Plus (PCIe 3.0) and a Samsung 860 QVO (plugged in with a USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 external controller). Except the USB 2.0 controller, which increases the loading times for a few seconds, the other 3 options show pretty much the same performance.

    To run the game from an external drive you just have to copy the

    "gw2-64.exe" and the

    into a folder and start the .exe. The game will then download a few video codec files into that folder and create another folder for your language- and ingame-settings in your appdata\roaming folder on drive C:\ and that's it.

    The game does not need to be installed or uninstalled. Just delete the 2 folders above to remove everything the game ever creates on your PC.

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    Depends on why a password is required. If you're only allowed to run specific programs, an external drive isn't going to help. If it only affects programs that require administrator privileges, then you can simply rename Gw2Setup-64.exe to Gw2-64.exe, which causes it to run from its current folder.

  • Wow I cant believe renaming it allows me to run launcher and download started. You are genius:D

  • Can you run it in MAC bootcamp from external HD or SSD?