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    I can understand the OP's point, in that there is a lot of cc mechanics in the game these days. With the advent of harder foes in HoT and PoF versus the original game, there was a significant change in the difficulty of the maps. Some time ago, in one of Anet's Guild Chat episodes, a dev talked about reviewing groups of foes in Dragonfall (I think), and realized they had too many of them that had cc, so they adjusted the composition. I kinda think more of that should be done. For those that like to adventure on their own, it can be brutal to continue encountering groups that basically perma-down and kill you. Not Fun. I'd agree that this game has more of these kinds of mechanics than the other few MMO's that I play, if that's of any consequence. But Anet has focused heavily on break bar mechanics since their implementation, yet there's been very little tutorial opportunities for players to experiment/learn about it. Not to mention break bars on monsters actually work in different ways; some start with a break bar that you have to cc to break the bar, some bars only come up when the foe is about to do a bit hit skill, and some bars just don't seem to go away at all and are not affected by cc's.

    From my perspective, it has affected the way I have to create builds to successfully move about in the open world, and build diversity becomes quite narrow when you have to fill your bar and / or traits with stunbreaks, cc, stability, etc. Not to mention that I don't even bother with some classes that have less of those abilities than others. Yes, there are dodges, placement, footwork that we can utilize to avoid these mechanics, but sometimes you misclick, or can't avoid all the red circles when you're fighting a group of a dozen knock-down/stun/crazy foes. :D

    I enjoy GW2 combat over any other game, and I'd like to be able to have the ability to use some of the unique skills and traits that I feel are being superseded by skills that mitigate foes cc overabundance. (Note: I'm mostly focused on open world adventuring, not coordinated group content )

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  • @Troilet.9435 said:
    Fighting feels like your just managing the amount of time you're getting stunned and knocked down. I die constantly because I'm always on the ground, or stunned. I'm really trying to like this game, but it's brutally unfun right now.... Is there a trick to not being perpetually knocked down and stunned?

    I feel your pain. I'm in the same situation you're in: where I have such fond memories of how engrossing this game was to me when it was fresh and new, wanting to recapture that feeling and finding no possibility of it. I'm afraid you're just stuck, and there's no solution to the problem. This game, in it's current form, is an absolutely exhausted dead-end with nothing meaningful to do and nowhere meaningful to go. I haven't played it more than a few weeks in the past year (first to pick up the new skyscale, and then to bring my mysteries to the current max).

    At this point, I wouldn't even bother logging on. I'm just waiting for the new expansion to drop: which will probably supply me with ~3 weeks of great fun and then leave me right in the same place after that.

  • @Ashantara.8731 said:

    @Troilet.9435 said:
    Is there a trick to not being perpetually knocked down and stunned?

    Proper movement and dodging, stun breaks and stability where needed.

    Add to that list weakness, blind and aegis all three can prevent player from getting hit (if it is a projectile). There are several methods to reduce getting hard CC and same for soft CC. Condi cleanse is more or less since HoT something player always should have access to. Don't forget there are weapon sigil (on swap) and there are certain Runes that you equip on armour which can cleanse (from use of healing skill or elite skill).

    It is here duration on either condition (expertise) or boon (concentration) will reduce CC as higher duration on boon as an example will also increase Aegis, Regeneration (heal over time as you take damage), Protection (red inc. damage) etc.

    For condi build the more Blind and Weakness you can up keep the less chance there will be to get CC:d and with condition removal and stun break there is less problem as long you Vitality are high enough to be able to take two hits for 6K (for Health Pool of 12 K it will mean you are getting into Downed state). Adjust your build with enough Vitality to increase HP (and the time you need for your healing skills and other skill to get off CD including active and passive condi removal).

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    Again context. If you are talking about HoT maps, those map are supposed to be hard. The director at the time advertised them as the natural progression of challenge from ls1. Ls1 and ls 2 were getting progressively more difficult, anet was actively trying to train players to be better. Even ls3 anet tried to keep some difficult content. Compare the son of svanir in bitterfrost and bjora, they are same mobs, but the bjora do about a quarter of the damage.
    Now if you talking about PoF or ls4 or IBS, then you probably need to play the core game some more to get better at your class. Get used to telegraphs and learn what your skills do. I can not think of a mob group that can keep you constantly cc in the core game or pof.