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Opened Blade of Prophecy not opening new Recipes

I opened the Blade of Prophecy and still shows that at Vendor the you need to open. Is this Bugged? Please anyone else having this problem too.


  • I think it was the same for level 2, as well.

    Didn't it unlock the Mastery Track? It did for me.

  • Niyeru.6243Niyeru.6243 Member
    edited February 18, 2021

    I guess he means that once the Mastery is trained you can't, in fact, buy the recipes even though it is written you should be able to.

    EDIT: My bad, though It says You need to have the Dragon Slayer Weapons skin AND the mastery in order to unlock the recipe. So it's not bugged so far. Yet to unlock a skin and try again.

    EDIT 2: It works, made the normal Dragon Slayer Weapon , unlocked the skin and I could purchase the corresponding recipe for the Crimson and Azure Dragon Slayer weapon recipes.

  • Thanks for your help