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Druid Overworld (Solo/Large-Events/Bosses) Builds?

Hi Friends!

I've been messing around with Druid the last few weeks, because I'm bored of Soulbeast and also thought I might as well help people out by throwing some heals out and giving some resses and boons to my fellow commanders.

I'm just a bit stuck on what Armour/Glyphs/Traits I wanna be using. I'm primarily thinking running Axe/Horn / / Staff, With mainly spirits as my utility. But I just don't know what Prefix/Glyph Combo I should be running.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!



  • If you still want to deal reasonable damage, I would recommend a mixture of Diviner's and Crusader's for power damage. I would also recommend Force and Accuracy for sigils.

    Your rune choice would then depend on what you want more of, support or damage.

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    I was also messing around with my old Druid recently, and was using this as the 'healing' build, although it still does some fair damage:

    For soloing and more DPS, I switch to this, which has a good amount of CC:

  • Thanks for those. I've recently hit 80 with ranger and been dropping HP into druid line, always fancied the druid from a sentimental/RP pov, but it looks like I should generally have just gone soulbeast rather than druid first now I'm looking ahead to what ascended gear and stat combos :( Can't see any love for Druid outside of raids and while I'm sure I can explore builds myself and find something, the collective wisdom on this forum and recs for ppl like Hizen I'm coming across for the first time (started playing in October) suggests I'll struggle.

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    Druid is okai as a sustain spec, but utility skills and staff are not really worth in open world. You don't need to use 100% of the e-spec. :astonished:
    Personally I just use Druid for the movement speed, the extra heal or condi cleanse ... and ancient seed <3 .
    Of course, I speak for condi, "blablabla soulbeast better dps" ; but the druid traits are really smooth and more supportive, it's just relaxing.

    For Power, I won't suggest Druid; the lane is more disabling than it is for Condi. It's like half the burst and damage compared to core or soulbeast, not really smooth to chains mobs, events...
    (And actually I won't suggest power over condi ranger in OW, but that's an other subject :angry: )