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You're Preaching to the Choir...

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Soooo...has anyone else noticed that for the past few months the WvW forums aren't even being moderated? Players are posting about hacks quite often (not out of the norm) but then in the comments below, other players are calling out servers/guilds/player names and yet the posts stay up for weeks thereafter (if they've been removed weeks later I can't say I've noticed as I don't usually follow threads for that long a period). Furthermore, when's the last time we actually saw a dev posting/responding in any of these threads?? The last one I personally recall was in March 2020. Either Anet no longer has the manpower to moderate these forums, or they've completely given up on WvW and no longer pay attention to these forums (with the exception being that they gladly take our money for server transfers).

Point is, feel free to start posting Match-Up threads and the like, and you can probably stop making suggestions on the forums for improvements you'd like to see, because the only people you're reaching are the other players who are just as equally pissed off about the state of the game as you are. Well, at least the 5-10 of us who still regularly frequent these forums ;):'(

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    i got warned again some weeks ago, so that cannot be 100% like this, tbh ;P

    the communication from Anets side surely is lacking, but yeah... it is what it is.

    sort of sad that the best gamemode of gw2 gets ignored like this, but what shall we do. u said it yourself, looks not like there'd be reception going on about improvements and community thoughts.

  • A large amount of the moderation on the forums comes from reports. If there's a backlog of tickets, then the moderators are going to prioritize those first. They might not have time to patrol the forums.

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    @Blood Red Arachnid.2493 said:
    A large amount of the moderation on the forums comes from reports.

    In the thief forum there was a thread about thieves crying they dont have a WvW zerg role. I replied they didnt deserve any pity. Reported and infracted within an hour I think, lol.

    If you dont see much moderation on the WvW forums, I would like to think that's more because of us than because of the mods. But I would probably be disappointed.

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