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Support Druid for Roaming

I have a friend new to the game who enjoys the theme of druids, and would like to play a support Druid for our little group of friends. Are there any viable druid support builds out there for use in small scale situations? It doesn’t have to be the best just something viable. I know there are better classes for that she just enjoys being a Druid. Any help would be appreciated.

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    If she MUST be a druid, an immobilize build is best.
    If she MUST be a support, not ranger is the best choice.
    If she MUST be a support druid, I guess we'll have that discussion again on the forums soon..

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    Advice for your friend:
    You'll need to avoid Spirits and take mostly Command skills or Glyphs. Everything you use in WvW needs to be fully mobile.

    Your main goal as support in roaming is to keep your partner from getting downed and stomped.

    You'll mostly want the trait that stealths allies when you come out of Celestial Avatar, which covers you both for safe reviving. Then you can take the various revive abilities like Search & Rescue and basically never lose a fight. A properly skilled Druid can revive other players several times on the right build, just using skills and traits and not counting manual revival.

    Make sure you have good sustain in case you get targetted instead. Nomad's or Minstrel's gear is preferable.

    Good weapon choices are Axe for Chill and Weakness, Warhorn for Vulnerability and boons, and Staff for heals and projectile blocks. The Staff #3 skill is also extremely useful for immediately teleporting to an ally for reviving.

    For this particular role Rebirth runes would likely be ideal, and Sigil of Renewal for extra heals when you enter/leave CA.

    Make sure you take the Glyph that knocks back enemies in case you run into Thieves who try to stealth stomp. They'll need to be pushed away while in stealth to keep their stomp from succeeeding, which will quickly end the fight.

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