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[UK/EU][PvE LGBTQ+ Guild] Wanderers' Haven [WAHA] is now recruiting!

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About Us
Wanderers’ Haven is a small/medium-sized EU-based guild created in late 2020, with the primary aim of creating a safe, relaxed and friendly space for LGBTQ+ players and allies to come together, socialise, take part in group activities, and seek/share advice; a space where everyone is treated with respect and feel they can be themselves.
We have chosen Windswept Haven as our home and have rapidly upgraded it since day 1, a trend we are hoping to continue for more perks and benefits.
Our current members are welcoming, helpful and enthusiastic, and share a range of experience levels from relatively new to the game to highly experienced. We are aware that many guilds are quite male-centric, so we welcome female and other non-male gamers to join us and help us become as diverse as we can be.
There are no level/gear/gameplay/experience/server requirements, and you may choose to take part in our activities if you wish to do so. Just have fun and be nice and respectful to others!

Activities and Plans for the Future
We have been running guild missions regularly since the very beginning and try to include both new and experienced players in our weekly Fractals events. Currently, Monday and Wednesday evenings are our reserved event slots, however we regularly throw in other activities into the mix and always welcome our members’ feedback on what they would like us to do.

Basic Requirements for Joining Our Family

  • You need to be 18 or over. Though our guild is a strictly SFW space.
  • You need to identify as LGBTQ+ in order to join us. If not, provide a reason for wanting to join an LGBTQ+ guild, as we are here to serve a marginalised community and the comfort and wellbeing of our LGBTQ+ members is our highest priority.
  • Use of Discord is essential. You do not need to be an expert Discord user, but it is our primary means of communication with our members (text and voice chat) and where we post announcements and events. Our rules are also found there, which you would need to read carefully and agree to, before being given access to any other part of the server/guild.
  • While in game, we ask you to show your commitment to the guild by representing us.

How to Join Us
Please visit our Discord server at https://discord.gg/RkF3d42zy5
Take a moment to read all of our rules carefully and follow the simple instructions there to gain full access. We hope to see you in the game soon!

For Questions and Queries
If you have any questions, message me here and I will be more than happy to help! Alternatively, drop Argonade.9813 or Woodland Guardian.9320 a message in the game and we will try to respond to any queries you may have.