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Raw videos of open world experience 2013-2016

While cleaning up my hard disk, I found 80 Gig/almost 9 hours of unprocessed raw video from 2013-2016 I took from various open world stuff and story I played at that time. No dungeons, no fractals, no raids.
Some is from LS1 and not in the game any more. There is the original Lion's Arch, there is some of the Battle for Lion's Arch, there is some of the old Lion's Arch in ruins that lasted only a few months playtime, there is Scarlet's end.
Does anyone have any interest in it? May be of historical value, if you value the old times.
As far as I see it, it's been recorded with OBS Studio, resolution 1920x1200, language german (sorry, it's how I played GW2).
I will take it down and delete everything in 3 months (June 2021), so don't hesitate to download whatever you want NOW.
If you intend to publish some of it in processed form, please make sure the chat window is censored just in case.
If it happens my mic is recorded along with some of the videos (I checked but didn't found any mic track with actual voice), please remove it on published works.
Other than that: feel free to do with it whatever you want.



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