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The Mesmer Gala [NA]

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The Omniversal Magistrix of the Mesmer Court, Tseison, requests the honour of your presence for the upcoming Mesmer Gala.

(Exclusive to Mesmers so make sure to show up and show out!)

• Friday, March 12, 2021
• Time: 8:00pm (EST)

There will be several mini-contests, testing your skill, flattery and sense of fashion. Ten winners will be chosen and announced at the ceremony and will each receive 50g. It’s all about having fun, looking good and leaving a lasting impression!

The party will be located in Divinity's Reach. Upon arriving, Symposium and a Contest of Couture, will be held in Minister Wi’s Mansion.
A Mesmer has expensive taste: “Bring a bottle of wine or something yummy. You know we love to live deliciously.”
The Elusive Chanteuse: “It’s not a party without a good Bard/Minstrel. Bring something to serenade us with.”
The Grand Regalia PRE-Show: “Bring your favourite mount, let them strut their stuff!”
The Grand Regalia Fashion Show: “It’s called Fashion, look it up.”
The Ceremony: “The winners will be announced!”

See you there! <3