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Looking for GW1 minis

Not sure where to go for this one.

I'm working on getting the minis for the Hall of Monuments and I need 16 more.

Is there anywhere in particular I could go to post a WTB? I would rather not have to go to Kamadan and spam a message.

I'm looking to acquire the cheap white birthday minis, undedicated.
Here are the ones I don't have:
First birthday: Fungal Wallow, Jungle Troll, Necrid Horseman
Second birthday: Aatxe, Harpy Ranger, Heket Warrior, Juggernaut
Third birthday: Cave Spider, Cloud Touched Simian, Irukandji, Mursaat
Fourth birthday: Abomination, Desert Griffon, Kveldulf, Terrorweb Dryder, Word of Madness
Fifth birthday: Fire Drake, Ophil Nahualli, Scourge Manta, Seer

I am on GW2, account Cakemeister.5792 or you can whisper me if I am on GW1, player name is Joey Buddabing