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Jormag's Ruse

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As Jormag has been an Elder Dragon, by it's own words, for a very long time, it's really difficult to think that this wiley, malevolent reptile hasn't anticipated the actions of major players like Braham. How could anyone, especially an emotional, egotistical baffoon like Eir Stegalkin's son possibly outmaneuver a wisened, masterful being like Jormag? It's simply ridiculous to entertain the thought.

In my opinion, Jormag is continuing to mark it's territory in preparation for the Deep Sea Dragon's assault. The "attack" against the Tengu was likely a bit of an upgrade (creating a magical ward against the DSD's magic, maybe?) to their outer wall followed by a mock assault on the inner wall to make sure that the tengus' defenses can withstand the seige that is coming.

Jormag hasn't told Aurene about the DSD, but I'm still wondering if Primordus is just a proxy for Bubbles. One thing that strikes me as incredibly strange is the presence of the Scrying Pool in the centre of the EoTN. In addition to allowing us to experience others' memories, I wonder whether the Deep Sea Dragon can use the pool to eavesdrop on the conversation that Aurene has with Jormag and others; and Jormag, fully aware of this, uses it's "conflict" with Primordus to fool the Deep Sea Dragon into thinking that the terrestrial Elder Dragons are unprepared for what is coming. This may be what Jormag alludes to when it says that it isn't the one pitting the dragons against each other. Moreover, the DSD may be able to read the minds of mortals like the Commander, such that everything that those acting on Jormag's behalf say sounds meaner than it really is. Instead of simply listening to Jormag, we need to consider what Jormag is doing. Freezing major water sources seems like a compelling way of conveying the sincerity with which Jormag tries to preserve it's world.

I wonder what would happen if Jormag spoke the Deep Sea Dragon's name in the presence of Aurene and/or uncorrupted mortals? The writers have always had to try and bring the Deep Sea Dragon into play and it is feasible that the DSD is the "Mother" of the Elder Dragons.

But...if the theory that the DSD can use the Scrying Pool to eavesdrop on everyone gathered around it is true, the idea that it is the EDs' mother makes less sense. Why would Jormag, a scared frigid lizard, invite further wrath upon itself by revealing to it's own mother a plot to kill it's twin, mere years after Kralkatorrik's passing? That just makes no sense. The only way that Jormag could hope to justify itself, were this the case, is with the very arguments it brings to bear on Aurene and Primordus. They're both at fault for making it do the things that it does. Perhaps the DSD will turn up and Jormy will appeal to all of the conversations that it was privvy to, each of which demonstrates that Jormag isn't responsible for the destabilisation of the cycle or the death of Kralky. Again, though, the latter makes no sense. The DSD likely heard Kralk's dying appeal and knows the lay of the land. I believe that it has anti-magics at it's disposal, too, that would allow it to see through many tricks.

I think that, were Jormag to speak the DSD's name now, it would cause Aurene to go batshit crazy. It's best to break the truth to Aurene gradually, slowly shifting the goal posts until the "Elder" dragon is capable of safely managing the burden of that knowledge.

Jormag roaring at Aurene about Primordus might be a snide swipe at the DSD. The animal in this case isn't Primordus, it's the DSD, and Jormag wants Bubbles to know it.

So, as much as I was hoping that Primordus would sacrifice himself in this episode, I'm still of the mind that Jormag is in control of the situation and has a contingency plan in play.

I think that a ruse is afoot.

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    ....what evidence do you have that anything you just said could possibly be the case? Show your work, how did you go from A to J to Љ in a logically consistent way.

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    I think that the major point you are missing about jormag is the link it has with Primordus. They are opposites, but constantly in balance. Jormag however seems to put primordus more in a specific corner then he really is. One is intelligence. There seems to be some structure to where primordus attacks. e.g. in large populated area's (Like Skrittburgh, Rata Sum, Soren Draa and Ebonhwake) and also pick his enemies (like Asura, Skritt and dwarfs). So when primordus is more aware and intelligent, then the balance would mean that Jormag is less omnipotent then he thinks.

    In you theory there are a few assumptions.
    1: The DSD being the ED mother. Although this is a theorie of my own. I'm carefull to put it into theorycrafting beyond that as it is not proven. At the moment I would say there is a 10% chance this might be the case, and a 99% chance that everything is very different then any possible theory.
    2: The name of the DSD is known. It is kept from us. I do believe this is done for the tension in the story and to hide the direction we are going to. Arenanet did state that the lack of information is due to the unknown nature of the endless sea. Again we can assume a lot, but I have much doubt that there is more to it then not knowing the name. It is very much possible and likely that the commander (or Taime) knows the name, but it just hasn't been shared with us.
    3: primordus being a proxy for the DSD is in my opinion just silly. The theory of all has very distinct spheres for primordus and the DSD and they are very different in nature.

    My suggestion when theorycrafting is to keep it to the facts. Do not build a theory and then use it to build another theory. Keep to the facts.

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    From what I've gathered from the most recent developments is that Jormag's weakness (which explains a lot of their actions in the early parts of the Icebrood Saga) is that they are convinced they are not just right, but righteous. For Jormag, being righteous means doing whatever it takes to deal with that pesky Primordus that they unfortunately share a bond with. I believe that, after all, Jormag does accept that we are the good guys, just that we are slightly misguided on what it means to be a good guy (anything, anything, as long as it means dealing with Primordus). Jormag did not anticipate Braham's actions because, to Jormag, they're not just brash, they're unthinkably evil. It's less a matter of intelligence and more a matter of morality, because for all Jormag's intelligence, their morality is warped.

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    I've posted this in another lore thread :

    Jormag is afraid of confronting Primordous.
    They claim that they will destroy each other, but I have another tinfoil hat theory.

    Jormag and Primordous are two halves of a whole.
    Jormag is the intelligence, the cold half.
    Primordous is the instinct driven, the heated half.

    Jormag knows that if they clash, they will both be destroyed, but what if it isn't in a literal sense?
    What if they clash and merge, "destroying" both halves to form a whole?

    What if Primordous' instinct was to perform the merge, while Jormag is actively fighting against it?
    If all is according to Jormag's plan, Primordous will be killed, and Jormag will be freed at last, without having a wild animal constantly trying to hunt them down.

    Again, it's just a theory.


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