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GW2 WvW current meta is the most boring gaming experience I ever witnessed



  • @Zikory.6871 said:

    @TrollingDemigod.3041 said:

    @Stand The Wall.6987 said:
    game needs more boon strip. the decision to nerf them was really dumb.

    Your idea is:
    -(The problem) Hey! That guy was pierced by a metal rod, he's bleeding af!
    -(Your solution) Let's slap a band-aid on his forehead and it's fixed.
    Problem is, that you can stack duration of boons and you can reapply them quickly af(FB whooshwhoosh boonz and healzzzz), nerf the boon generation, make them rarer and situational as they should be from the very start. You can see people running with 30s+ of prot alone, not mentioning all other boons on players.
    Your "solution" won't a fix a kitten, because very few classes have any kind of boon removal, so you want them to have even more "power" on the field than many others.

    It's not that simple, nerf Firebrand so 1 can no longer solo support a party and those groups will just run double Firebrand. The last coefficient nerf, groups just ran 3x support in every party to make up the difference. As per since release, groups will always build comp to keep everyone alive and minimize downtime in fights.

    As to boon removal, Scourge, Spellbreaker, Chrono, Scrapper, 4 very prominent WvW classes have very strong boon removal. Revenants can run brutality if they are willing to give up some damage.. Anyone can run Absorption sigil and everyone has CC skills. No Firebrand/Scrapper can out heal a solid bomb with Null/Grav/shatters in Wells/shades/breach in Winds covered in Lines/thunderclaps, followed up with Herald/DH/Weaver spike damage. If your group isn't generating downs then it's a coordination issue or the other group is better at dodging then you are at bombing OR most of your group thinks high damage on arc is how you kill groups.

    Just my opinion, groups that comp for sustain will adapt to any nerfs or quit the game. Whatever works.

    agree 100% learn adapt overcome

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    @Dawdler.8521 said:

    @Arheundel.6451 said:
    my question is why people are allowed to be super tanky and still do burst damage?

    Technically... they're not. Pluck out any burster from the boonball and put them against a roamer and they will often fall flat. They are carried by the minstrel, that's true, though it's not exactly the minstrel doing the burst. But the fact that even 1 minstrel can pocket heal in addition to zerg role just show how strong it is. Even in small 2-5 mans half of them are all boons minstrel pocket healers, truly big brain gameplay.

    If zergs can say that thieves and rangers arent allowed, cant roamers say that minstrels arent allowed? It should be fair.

    When I play WvW now, that's kinda my role. A roamer that runs with the zerg now to pull out and kill high priority targets.

    How many times we gotta tell you GRIND IS NOT CONTENT there ANet?

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    Roaming is such garbage these days too, you either run into the couple mega cheese builds, or groups that think they're roaming, but hey I guess they adapted to overcome the cheese builds, like everything else, just bring more.

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    @allshallperish.4620 said:

    @Stand The Wall.6987 said:
    game needs more boon strip. the decision to nerf them was really dumb.

    no, when you got 10 necros with hands u can stop anything, add a few mesmer and warriors and u got plenty of strip, and the fact up have been upvoted 8 times shows the complete lack of knowledge and understanding.

    lol and when the enemy steps out of your 40 sec well of corruption bomb (which usually gets 2-3 tics anyways) you have basically nothing, outside of a couple bubbles. i've played necro plenty to know how useless it is when the bomb isn't perfect, and most bombs aren't.

    te lazla otstara.
    fingers crossed meta ~