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Stoneskin Variants, How to be golden

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The stoneskin infusion completely covers your character (clothing, skin, hair, but not the eyes) in a mottled grey color. The grey will have different values of light and dark depending on what the material is.
Note: The blue "skin" of the Zodiac armor skins will not be affected by the stoneskin infusion at all. The cloth and metal bits will become stone colored, but the "skin" portions will retain their normal blue coloring and texture.
The stoneskin infusion also covers nearly all of your dye channels. I say nearly because some outfits have dye channels devoted to glowy effects Such as the sparkles on the starborn outfit, or the scrolling text and ... shields? on exosuit outfits. How much do you like your exclusive dyes?
If you add a Polyluminescent Undulating Refractor to an upgrade slot or use a Hylek Hue potion you will change the color of your entire character. , , , , The orange refractor or orange Hylek hue potion grants the golden color. The purple is from the blue Hue potion. A yellow hue potion will make the stone skin a greenish-yellow A black refractor will turn you into a living shadow in full sunlight, and into a dark blot in shadow.

The Stoneskin infusion can be bought at The Eye of the North from the Defense Seal vendor. You can only buy one stoneskin infusion with defense seals, you can get more Stoneskin infusions if you Buy Deldremor supply boxes and are willing to chance the very low drop chance. You can recover your stoneskin infusion from your equipment by using an infusion extractor bought from a golem in the fractal lobby.

Polyluminescent Undulating Refractors can be recovered from amulets found in trick-or-treat bags from Halloween events (more rng) or bought from the trading post. To recover a refractor you need to use an upgrade extractor from the gemstore or a blacklion salvage kit also from the gemstore, the salvage kit will destroy the equipment. Other salvage kits do not recover upgrades, they salvage them, which means the upgrades are always destroyed and possibly turned into lucent crystals.
Ascended Halloween amulets have Polyluminescent Reverberating infusions on them, these only add a colored outline to your character's clothing and will not affect the stoneskin's color. It is possible to convert a refractor into an Undulating infusion. An undulating infusion will have the same color changing effect as a refractor. The process of converting a refractor is fairly long if you don't run fractals regularly, it can be slightly shorter if you participate in raids. The recipe requires a +9 agony infusion that also grants a +5 bonus to a single stat (strength, toughness, expertise, ect.)

Hylek Hue potions can be purchased with karma from Heart vendors(only the ones who are giant frogs) in Sparkfly Fen. The hue potions are Soulbound on aquire and last 5 minutes each.
The stoneskin infusion tends to remove detail from your character's face and gear. Freckles and facial contouring disappear. The stoneskin infusion also tends to give characters resting kitten face (a constant annoyed expression) ,
I highly recommend getting a hairstyle that has "texture." The easiest way to see this is to go into the stylist's preview menu and select a premium hair color, an appropriate hairstyle will appear to have two different colors, even if they are just two different shades of the same color. The wrong type of hairstyle could make your character look like they have a misshapen head rather than hair.
An annoyance I encountered is that the stylist's preview does not show infusion effects in the preview, there was much trial and error regarding eye, mouth, and eyebrow shape as well as hairstyle selection.
The Vermillion Wings seem to be the only really dye-able feathery wings. It is worthy of note that the Vermillion wings backpack and glider both have very saturated dye channels. I had more success by avoiding exclusive dyes. The colors in exclusive dyes were nearly always too dark or blindingly bright. I did end up using sarcophagus dye in my golden wings but the other 3 dye channels used more mundane dyes. Sadly, the preview window for dyeing outfits and equipment also neglects to show visual infusion effects. , , ,

Of course there are still stone wings to try with the plain infusion or even teal wings with a teal refractor.

I suppose I will eventually grow tired of my monochrome look... eventually , ,


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    It's not a look for me, but it's actually come out really well without being overly an eyesore either

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