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i need your help


I like playing this game and i am often busy with playing with dyes and getting the perfect skins for my characters. but there is 1 thing i really want and that is the helm skin from dhuum.
I thinked sometimes about it but then i realise that there is no option for me to obtain it. I am a casual player in every game. in gw2 i like to be a support class so i am a heal firebrand in open world and it give me a good feeling when i can keep big groups alive. today i thought i try lfg, but i saw that nearly noone is doing dhuum. so my chances are around 1%.
in another mmo someone gave me a boost once and it made me so happy that i obtained something i normally never had a chance to obtain it. but i don't play that mmo anymore.
now i play gw2, this community is way better overal, and sometimes i am hoping that some ppl have a free spot in a raid for a casual like me (who helps others in open world) a free spot because they maybe can do the job easy with 9 players.

i also know there are ppl who sell raid kills or achievements, but the problem is, i can't trust them. i am not rich.
but if i am 100% sure i get the title or raid boss kill for the gold i have to pay then i want to do that.

so if you know a person who can help me with this then let me hear. (read)


  • titje.2745titje.2745 Member ✭✭✭

    oke delete topic, i got a boost. a guildy told me a clan which helped me, i am happy now, even i didn't get any ascended drop. now i have to grind the other raids and hope for asc drops to salvage.