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Gem purchase fails

I have tried 5 times with different methods and even my GF credit card.
Credit cards option will not let me enter the safety code and I have tried 2 different ones visa and mastercard
Paypal will keep telling me that this offer is not available at the moment, every year is the same issue and I have to open a ticket?

I have never had so many issues in paying for something on the internet and you managed to take it to a whole new level.
The one time I decided to cave in and buy some discounted kitten on this garbage slow as hell in game gem store you make it literally impossible to take advantage of said discounts.


  • This issue has been going on since almost 2 months ago! As far as I know, many people that lives in europe, specially scandinavian countries are experiencing the same issue as you!

    The only thing we can do is to open tickets about this, and hopefully pressure Anet into fixing this sooner than later.

    Credit cards and paypal doesnt work for the moment. The only thing that seems to work is anets own gem cards, and those arent that easy to find unfortunately.

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    So, I live in the UK. I still had some gems and took advantage of the 40% template discount. My wife tried to buy gems and she can't. She tried her cards, I tried my cards + Paypal. Nothing worked. A support ticket was sent (#8046242) but by the time they see it, the 24-hour discount is gone. She's not happy and I'm not daring to use my account to buy gems; not that it would matter as I couldn't gift the build templates to her. I also found out that there's no place in the UK to buy gem cards, and the ones that can be found online are at nearly double the price. They don't seem to want our money, so we're moving on.

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    FYI, after leaving it be for about an hour, the email in billing info was changed, a lower amount of gems was selected and then it successfully went through Paypal. Hope this can help others. What an odd and frustrating experience. Don't think I had this sort of issue in other MMOs. Hope this can be improved. At least issue more gems cards as an alternative. They seem scarce, by looking at the online price.

  • I've been having problems for a week trying to buy gems by card. A generic "Unfortunately an error has occurred. Please try again later!" message would pop up for a second before disappearing.
    I tried what Amon did and lower the amount purchased (by 2 stages), and that's succeeded, but not before the package I want to buy disappeared from the gem store (this artificial scarcity nonsense was already making me buy less frequently). I'm also in the UK with this problem.
    It would be really useful if the page would be more specific on why purchases are failing and better feedback on how to correct the problems.