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Sequel to "Traveling Circus", "The Ties That Bind Us," Has Started!

Greetings, readers and writers alike!

While it has been a while since I have been here, I figured I would drop in with an update.

Though Traveling Circus has ended as of August 2020, it is not a solo act -- it is, in fact, followed by its sequel-in-progress, The Ties That Bind Us, a story which continues shortly from the end of the Personal Story and goes roughly from the first Living World season to the end of Heart of Thorns. Whether you want to get through the backstory for the Traveling Circus and the Knights of Gryphon beforehand is up to you, but for those wondering what happens to the ragtag group of nobles, mercenaries, and ne'er-do-wells after the fall of Zhaitan and the solidification of the Pact, you can read about it here on Ao3:
I will attempt to update again sometime.

For now, best of reading.

~ S.F.

Want to pick up where you left off with Traveling Circus? Follow the link here: