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Feasible to solo early T1 Fractals?

I want to get into Fractals fairly soon (I want to start obtaining Ascended gear for my main).

I've been reading up as much as I can and intend on watching at least a few YT vids prior to jumping in. I'm querying if it's feasible to do the first X level Fractals solo - while I'm getting hold of the concept first-hand.....ideally my first team experience will involve me not completely ruining the experience for others.

Everything I read doesn't go incredibly in depth regarding what is exactly involved with Fractals - although YT vids will help with this at least a bit.

Thanks for your time.


  • Linken.6345Linken.6345 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It is, but there is no reason to join some t1 fractal group and say, Hi Im new mind if I tag along?

    I cant see many begining player people saying no to that we are not talking about cm+t4 groups here mate

  • maddoctor.2738maddoctor.2738 Member ✭✭✭✭

    You can solo T1 fractals but keep in mind that the bosses are going to take a lot of time to kill solo. You can go try and kill some champions in the open world solo, for example skill challenges, to get a feel of how long it will take. As for ruining the experience for others, T1 fractals barely have any mechanics. You can join T1 groups that go for the daily

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    You can solo low tier fractals, but you don't have to. Join to some T1 groups from LFG. Those groups are for new people and quite often they have some experienced friend with them to carry them through. This helps a lot. In the beginning, you can just follow people and learn how that specific fractal works. Then, bit later, you can ask those more experienced "carriers" about the details in that specific fractal. Then, you climb the fractal ladders, meet people, ask and get answers, and eventually one day your fractal level is 100, you have 150+ AR and you do T4 dailies :)

  • As others have already said, no reason to go solo. Just don't be afraid to use the team chat.

    Mentioning that you've never done a fractal at the beginning is a good thing. I my experience, most people won't care at all. Some will write a wall of text to explain every little thing to you. Personally, I tend to let people figure out the obvious stuff by themselves and just add pointers if needed (like saying that for Siren's, green AoE damage is shared between targets and that taking it alone usually means you're downed) or if asked.

    Also, if you lag behind your team-mates and they say "gg", it's not offensive. They just want you to type the command /gg that will insta-kill you, allowing you to respawn at the next checkpoint.

  • Thanks for the replies, guys. It sounds like I'll be grouping up and just make it clear that I've never done them before either in my LFG listing or when I join a group.

    Thanks again.

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    Some need more than 1 player - because of the mechanics. For others ... it might take longer and you need to be good (good skill/build) to solo it ... I guess. The only thinkg I remember doing solo were some achievements. (The out of cluck one where I did not need to kill the boss. Just when it appears the room with the last chicken opens.)

    Usually I try to avoid group content - cause I fear toxic players that might start to hate/flame when you are not pro. But "Fractal Rush" last year got me into fractals. And T1 and T2 seems to be not that hard. (Pro groups with there special lfg settings and abbreviations start to take up the majority of the lfg only starting from T3 it seems.)

    You can just do the ones that are on daily. Posting a lfg or joining some group. Nobody cares in T1 if you are new or not. (Remember at the end the last few ones "agony" starts and you should at least try to have some AR by then.) There even seem to be people joining in T2 that have not tried a specific fractal.

    I recommend to at least watch a vid. From someone called "Deroir" - they even named an NPC in the fractal lobby after him - there are good vids for most fractals that explain them on T4. Watching them once and you will be ready to do them T1 even if you don't have a good build. (As long as not the whole party is new.)

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    Anyone doing T1 Fractals will expect newbies anyway because T1-T2 are the new players tier. At Tier 3 it gets kind of difficult so you have to know what you're doing, and Tier 4 is for players who have mastered the game mode.

    It works like this:
    T1: Newbie friendly, just join and run, learning mechanics as you go.
    T2: Agony checks, basic instabilities, teaches you about what the difficulty will be like at higher tiers.
    T3: The average tier, where most players sit. You need to really know what you're doing to not suffer party wipes.
    T4: Experienced tier; need good classes, builds, gameplay as to complete. Difficulty is mostly due to luck of the draw with instabilities.
    T4 CM: Requires extremely specific compositions to pass, and even experienced (EXP) groups may fail them.

    That said, you can solo some T1 Fractals, like Urban Battleground, Snowblind, etc. Condi Minion Scourge works best, or Power Minion Reaper. These two builds allow the player to tank while also dealing damage and swarming enemies with NPC allies.

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    @Pacificterror.7805 said:
    Thanks for the replies, guys. It sounds like I'll be grouping up and just make it clear that I've never done them before either in my LFG listing or when I join a group.

    Thanks again.

    Bear in mind that pretty much everyone in T1 fractals are new players with some very rare exceptions. Even in T4s players have no clue what they are doing sometimes. You won't stumble upon veteran players in t1 fractals unlike dungeons, and even there they will most likely be willingful to help ypu. Don't think that you are a liability. Even if everyone does nothing but aaing randomly some enemies T1 fractals should be quite doable as they are very easy. Meanwhile it could be hard for unexperienced players to do them solo as there is less meat to tank all the damage. You can make your own group in LFG, tag a "T1 dailies" there and just wait people to join. In my experience toxicity is present in tier 3 fractals, in no/low KP fractal cms and very high kp CMs. Other than that you can just hop in and do your thing nobody will have any problems with you joining them if there are no requirements of KP or something. Just refer to that if anyone has problems with you.

  • Lucio.4190Lucio.4190 Member ✭✭✭

    @Linken.6345 said:
    It is, but there is no reason to join some t1 fractal group and say, Hi Im new mind if I tag along?

    I cant see many begining player people saying no to that we are not talking about cm+t4 groups here mate

    I was kicked from a T1 party once, right before entering Snowblind.
    I don't know if the reason was that I asked (while the party was looking for a healer) "Is a healer really required at this level?", but it didn't take more than 2 seconds after that. Anyway, I didn't really care much. I had lots of fun with another party.
    When do you start using Agony Resistance?

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    @Lucio.4190 said:
    When do you start using Agony Resistance?

    IIRC from my reading, Agony Resistance starts to come into play toward the end of the T1's. Most places tend to say you don't really "need" it until T2's.


    Looks like it starts at 20 and goes up from there:


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    T1 and T2 can be fairly easily be soloed (for proficient players), although beyond T1 it's really not worth it time and effort wise.

    It's not all of them though. If you want to give it a shot I'd recommend, Mai Trin, Aetherblade, Chaos, Snowblind, Uncategorized, Urban Battleground, Twilight Oasis and Molten Boss - as those are the ones not requiring any specific profession to circumvent group mechanics (like Deepstone requiring teleports to solo activate switches etc.), strategy (Underwater Build for Aquatic), or aren't simply prohibitively long/boring solo (Siren's Reef or Nightmare having long non combat downtimes like carrying things or capturing zones).

    But as other's have said, I wouldn't worry too much with T1 and joining others, it's literally intended as tutorial and there isn't an opportunity to ruin the run.
    You actually putting in the effort to watch guides and having enough empathy to worry about your performance and not wanting to drag others down makes you more prepared than 99% of the community already.
    If someone still ends up a kitten insulting and/or kicking you, just block and move on to try again - but unless you disregard LFG's and just join T4/CM groups wholly unprepared, you should be fine.

    As additional source of information I can recommend Deroir's Guide Playlist, although keep in mind it's for T4 and that some of these have since become outdated (Molten Boss and Aquatic reworks come to mind).

    Have fun!

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