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[NA] [Darkhaven] [WvW] Legendary Society [LS] is looking for competitive WvW players!

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Legendary Society [LS] is a prominent fight based WvW guild on Darkhaven (NA) server.

You may have seen us rolling by in a borderland as one tight unit of death, slicing into an outnumbered enemy group on the open battlefield. Or perhaps you’ve witnessed our team of golems poking relentlessly at the gates of an enemy’s garrison, invoking a defensive response from the enemy to face our battle-ready squad. And it's also possible you noticed our coordinated attacks alongside allies to take on an enemy blob, weaving in and out of the hallowed hallways in SMC, all the while taking on the SMC Lord to claim the castle. And you’ll always find us popping out stealth for an ambush on unsuspecting rival server groups, next swimming in an endless supply of loot bags collected from our defeated foes. Looks like fun, right?

No, it's not fun, IT’S GLORIOUS! Join us!!!

We are searching for competitive WvW players who:

  • Excel in their role or are able to learn a new class
  • Flexible in switching roles when asked.
  • Be in Discord and follow commands
  • Be able to receive feedback and willing to improve skills

What we offer you as a member:

  • The most competitive, action packed fights
  • Max level guild with guild boosts
  • 1:1 personal training and class improvement
  • Weekly and monthly lottery with prizes and gold
  • A fun, disciplined, mature community
  • Weekly pve raids and fun WvW meme runs

Roles we are currently looking for:

  • Healbrands
  • Medkit scrappers
  • Dragonhunters
  • Support Chronomancers
  • Support Spellbreakers
  • Scourges

Our WvW raid schedule:
Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 8pm -11pm CST (central time)

Please DM me on Discord for more information! Lenorellei#1782