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New Ranger - Need advice

Hey guys!

I am thinking about going forward with and alt that is strong for PVE solo content. One of my options is making a ranger, as I understood it is a good class for solo content. But... do you think it is strong? Is there any "better"?

In the case you recommend me going forward with ranger, then what build should I take? As I say, it's just for solo pve world content, my main is already strong for other type of content

Thanks a lot :)

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  • Teratus.2859Teratus.2859 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    When it comes to solo builds I often take a look at what forms of self sustain there are available to you and how much of it you can take advantage of.

    Warriors can heal on might spam.. very useful.
    Thieves can heal on crits, successful evades and spent initiative.. all those combined can be pretty potent if you play well.
    Necro's have absurd amounts of Lifesteal access through Minions.. can practically be invincible in PvE with a Necromancer.
    These are the only other classes I have any real experience playing sustain builds on atm.

    As for Ranger.. well Ranger does get regen but that alone isn't all that great, Soulbeasts however do get healing from inflicting poison though so that is something to factor in if you want to be a Soul Best.
    Ranger also has the luxury of the pet companion as well which can take aggro fairly well, specially the more bulky pets like Bears and Moa Birds.
    For PvE this can be used quite efficiently to solo a lot of things, specially if you get used to swapping pets and using stealth to force enemy AI to break off you and target your pet instead.. a big pro of the longbow and the BearBow style gameplay which some still use to this day.

    It really depends on what you enjoy playing, but yes Ranger is pretty good at solo playing a lot of PvE content.


  • AlexndrTheGreat.8310AlexndrTheGreat.8310 Member ✭✭✭
    edited March 27, 2021

    I’d say Ranger is a pretty strong open world class.
    As a power build they have access to very strong burst damage, longbow with 1500 range, lots of mobility, and then unlocking Soulbeast is a massive boost.

    The pet can have some uses, but it’s still an NPC pet and has issue staying alive at times. Pet swapping can help in keeping pets alive and healing them, and as a Soulbeast you can full heal a pet by merging and unmerging, so that can greatly improve the survivability of it.

    Realistically though, any class is good at solo PvE content as long as you can play at a certain level. As said in the above post, it mostly involves what kind of spammable self healing a class has and creating a build to abuse that and any other interactions it may have.

    If you look up Lord Hizen on YouTube, he has build guides for soloing open world content (events, Champions, Bounties, etc) for all classes now. If you’re interested in that sort of content, watching those videos to see what build each class has would be helpful. For Soulbeast for example, it would revolves around us running a trailblazer condi build, double dagger and then offhand torch, defense revolving around using Moa Stance to help maintain boons and poison from auto attack chain letting us leech health. In my opinion, it seems like one of the weaker options compared to his other builds, but I have tried it and it is definitely usable and very fun.

  • Nozdu.5971Nozdu.5971 Member ✭✭

    I fell in love with my ranger again today, build im using is full melee sword/axe + greatsword, using skirmishing, beast mastery and soulbeast. For utilities I go we heal as one, sic'em, frost trap, signet that increases ferocity(forgot the name) and one wolf pack. Merged with a smoke scale this does insane damage, has access to evades from the merged skill, blocks and gap closers with greatsword and sword, projectile reflection with axe, 3 CC skills. Have a try at it, melts many mobs you will encounter. Using Marauder gear with berserker weapons/accessories.

  • Tukaram.8256Tukaram.8256 Member ✭✭✭

    My necro/minion master is my favorite avatar, but my ranger is my 2nd favorite (I rarely play any of my others). Between the longbow and the pet - my ranger stays out of harms way pretty well. His biggest weakness is sometimes being overwhelmed by a crowd. 😎

  • im running around on Druid and not sure why, but i keep comming back to it. its kinda slow solo, but great fun in events, which is constant as im in drizzel woods