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keg brawl activity


I'm looking for any tips on how to get this set of achievements. It's been a real pain to me since :

  • only possible on sundays, which is pretty inconvenient given I have reduced playtime then and when I can, I usually go for wvw since its a pretty active day for the gamemode
  • when I can give time to it, I can spend hours in there never getting a match, and they forbit multiboxing in activities

Over the past 2 years i've been able to grind out all achievements for the other activities (well almost) during lunch break since i've been working from home even before covid, but keg brawl is in my experience the most deserted and the least accessible one of them all. Are there specific times I should be looking at? Are there guilds for this (EU)? Is there something I haven't seen allowing multibox for this activity (since there are occurences of people I do see are usually 2 accs ran by 1 person).

Any help would be appreciated.



  • I need a lot of keg brawl achievements, more than welcome to add me ingame and if I’m on while you are give me a shout and I’ll play a few matches with you each week.

    It doesn't matter how long it takes to achieve something, its not the end result that matters, its the journey you take to get there.

    Whiteside Ridge (EU), Achievement Hunter

  • Urud.4925Urud.4925 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I completed most of the others, but I also need this one. It would be nice to get enough people to farm it/share the achievements, like ppl usually do with the crab toss for example. I'm in! (EU as well).