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I'm having trouble getting close to the benchmark numbers. Closest I can get is 20-23.5k. Will mighty infusions really boost me up that much higher? Should i switch to runes of the thief? I wasn't using food here either but I'm finding it hard to believe that infusions and food will get me that much more dps. Maybe im wrong?


  • Infusion.7149Infusion.7149 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 29, 2021

    You're not crit capped and you're running arms traitline on a power build instead of Doubled Standards in Discipline. The benchmark has 100% crit chance and you are at 62% before spotter.

    Per your log the standard buffs aren't used: you're missing a bunch of them such as Sun Spirit, Frost Spirit, Empower Allies, and you aren't using food or utility.

    If you're running the build you linked in the editor half your damage isn't going to make use of the Burst Precision trait because every attack that isn't Decapitate doesn't receive that crit chance bonus. I think it is just a mistake in the editor since I didn't see any bleeding in your log.

    I'd advise running the meta build and trying again so long as you are crit capped. Even if you run scholar rune the difference would not be massive unless you are not crit capped.

    Using snowcrows calculator with everything on default:

    • Thief rune = 21,384.86
    • Scholar = 21,212.38 (>99% of Thief Rune)
    • Eagle = 21,077.30 (~98.5% of Thief Rune)

    edit: if you want to save money on food/utility and just need practice have a look at

    If you're just checking your gear auto-attack and compare to

    which was done last month

  • Lan Deathrider.5910Lan Deathrider.5910 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The build isn't right.

    For power berserker, much less power banner berserker you need to be running Discipline. Axe Mastery gives you +360 ferocity and 2 extra adrenaline on a crit, which is needed for spamming Decapitate. Also you should be taking Smash Brawler over Savage Instinct in PvE. The stat infusions and rune choice are maybe 5% more dps.

    For Discipline with Warrior's Sprint, Double Standards, and Axe Mastery you'll have 7% more damage, reduced weapon swap, +100 power, +100 precision, and +460 Ferocity, which comes out to a large amount of extra damage, easily an extra 35% over what you are currently running. The extra adrenaline would help you pump out Decapitates faster, which will also raise your DPS. I think if you made those changes you'd hit 30k easily, and then hit 35k after working on your rotation.

  • Woops, i tagged the wrong build. I am running discipline with warrior's spirit, double standards and axe mastery.
    Ill give the golem another go with the spirits, food and utility.