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Shared Inventory Slots - did I lose out?

DoghouseC.8173DoghouseC.8173 Member
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OK - I've been playing GW2 since shortly after launch. Along the line I've bought HoT and PoF, and received a level 80 boost and a shared slot with each. I've also maxxed out my purchases, giving me 24 slots in total.

Fast forward to 2020. Shortly before Christmas I decided to start a new account. I bought the PoF upgrade, which came with HoT thrown in - and got only a single boost and shared slot. I've since bought another 10 slots, bringing me to 11, and the BLTC says I can buy at most 12 more - for a total of 23. Merry Christmas...

Was my purchase bugged, is the BLTC buggged, or am I being quietly (and rather unfairly) penalised for having bought the two expansions together, when that was the only option available? (It's possible I'm wrong, but I'm very confident that I didn't, say, get two boosts and delete one...) And how do I get that final slot that other, earlier accounts have access to?


  • Inculpatus cedo.9234Inculpatus cedo.9234 Member ✭✭✭✭

    One free Shared Inventory slot comes with the purchase of an expansion.
    You bought Path of Fire, which included, at no cost, Heart of Thorns. You did not purchase Heart of Thorns, but acquired it as a bonus.
    Thus, you only bought one expansion.

    So, no bug and no way to acquire that 'extra' slot.

  • DoghouseC.8173DoghouseC.8173 Member
    edited March 30, 2021

    That's the likely way I read it as well. But frankly that description is, at least as far access to game content is concerned, just marketing-speak - I bought the only package that was available, which contained both expansions. And I'd happily have paid a little more to buy (would happily pay now to buy) that missing slot.

  • Inculpatus cedo.9234Inculpatus cedo.9234 Member ✭✭✭✭

    That's not how it works.
    You can probably get another 'free' slot with the upcoming expansion, should you choose to purchase it.

    Good luck.

    (You can use the 'Search' feature to find more posts/threads on this topic, should you so desire.)

  • DoghouseC.8173DoghouseC.8173 Member
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    I used Search - didn't find anything (which isn't to say it's not there to be found).

    Here in the UK, at least, that's precisely how it works - you bundle two things together, in law you sold them both, however you choose to describe it. But I'm not disputing the right of ANet to decide on precisely what the bundle contains, up to and including how many shared slots - just saying that, if that's the root cause and it's an ANet decision that, because the account started late, there's currently no way it can gain access to that final slot (which is ultimately what we're saying) - it's frustrating, and a little annoying. Not least because it's a technical restriction, that I'd happily pay to remove, and I'd have thought ANet would have been falling over themselves to take my money. Ah well.

    Thanks for the input. 8-)

  • you could say the same about other items that were given to players that bought HoT prior to it being free with PoF, id think of it this way, there is the expansions, and then there is anything free they decide to give with it or because you bought it at the time.

    just because they put HoT now free with PoF doesnt mean anyone is entitled to anything free that came with the original expansion when you had to pay for it. i bought HoT a week before it went free with PoF, if i had waited to get it free i would have missed out on the extra items. think about those items as a bonus for anyone that paid for the expansion at the time.

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  • Sure - like I said, ANet can include whatever they choose in their bundles. I'm just surprised they haven't offered to sell me the extra one yet.