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Mystic Coin Scarcity Problem - [Merged]



  • Quench.7091Quench.7091 Member ✭✭✭

    I wouldn't mind it if they used this valuable item as an incentive to complete content. People still do the ley-line anomaly because of these coins. ArenaNet even try bribe people to join PvP tournaments with them! Might as well as use them to get people to do older content that people neglect. Maybe have a selection of neglected events in a rotation for a daily achievement?

  • Substance E.4852Substance E.4852 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @borgs.6103 said:
    Did it not occur to you people who think there's a Mystic Coin scarcity problem that a lot of players, more so now than ever before, have faster ways to get the other ingredients of a legendary and that is creating a quicker demand for it?
    I mean, compare the prices of T6 mats years ago when MCs were cheap. Legendary ingredients just shifted in price. They more or less cost the same throughout the years. (Except the precursors got way cheaper) So same farming time, same cost. Just now, instead of the T6 mats having the bulk of the price, it's them blasted coins because there are a lot more people needing it faster than what the playerbase was used to.


    The other explanation is that people aren't logging in as frequently as they used to meaning that the log in reward calendar isn't completing at the same rate as it did back when we weren't forced to look to DRM's for "new, exciting content"

    Demand for legendary's stays relatively the same but supply of coins goes down

    My desire for Frostfang might stay the same if I only log in once a week but my coin generation gets cut to 1/7 that of a daily logger