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Stoneskin Infusion Fashion

Jables.4659Jables.4659 Member ✭✭✭
edited March 31, 2021 in Community Creations

I'd really like to see what people came up with as far as looks that incorporate the stoneskin infusion into their fashion wars.


  • Bast.7253Bast.7253 Member ✭✭✭✭

    How did you get the gold coloring on that second one? The blue-ish tint is the mystic infusion isn't it?

    I don't have many to choose from but am interested in hearing some tips on which infusions stack nicely with it. Maybe I can find a good sample vid on youtube.

    I haven't really found anything that looked great with it but the ghostly outfit with the black smoky skull is pretty cool with the infusion. It removes the black smoke and you just wind up having a creepy looking skull for a head. lol

  • Jables.4659Jables.4659 Member ✭✭✭

    @Bast.7253 said:
    How did you get the gold coloring on that second one?

    Both the gold and silver coloring come from the Mystic Chromatic Ooze that you get from doing the Gen1 Legendary Hammer Precursor Collection series. Its the same effect as The Juggernaut's Legendary Aura. I'm not sure if the chromatic effect itself changes; or if its static and the change is due to light effects from different areas of the game (I'm tempted to say its the latter). And yeah, the blue is from the Mystic Infusion.

    I also had issues making the stone effect work in any meaningful way on armor pieces which was a big part of why I made this post. I play a lot of WvW, but I spend my transmutation charges faster than I get them so I can't go through a bunch of them to find armor pieces that look good with the effect xD

  • Lamont.5973Lamont.5973 Member ✭✭✭

    Not a great picture and kind of run of the mill I think. But I wanted a character that really did look like a stone dwarf. He is as short as I can make a human