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Looking for Pro Mes Coach

I am a player from original gw games and have come back since covid hit last year. I've always wanted to get skilled on the mesmer, but just can't seem to get the flow. I understand there's multiple builds and purposes, but I want to nail down my pve, wvw, and pvp builds.

Offering serious gold/mats for coaching from very experienced mes player

I have nearly all content and funds to gear as needed. I am dead serious and want to maximize my play style.


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    It helps to say what server you're on. If you're on NA, EU players can't help you and vice versa.

    Also, what exactly do you need help with? Builds, how to play them, etc.?

  • NA Gate of Madness

    I am looking for play tips. Skill ordering, rotation, positioning, etc

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    @Nazwraith.2630 said:
    NA Gate of Madness

    I am looking for play tips. Skill ordering, rotation, positioning, etc

    Ok, well i'm on EU so i can't meet you in game. I can try to help with a forum post, though i don't play sPvP so someone else might chip in... Here goes.

    Open world PvE

    This really doesn't matter much since any build here that isn't absolutely mismatched in stats will work. You obviously want to stay away from the support stats like Minstrel's because, while tanky, you won't do damage and even trash mobs will be annoying. Condi doesn't have that problem but more on that later.

    If you want the power variant, here's a build i used for a while:

    Power Chrono or as i like to call it - The crit kitten:

    Note that you don't need to have all ascended or stat infusions, this is just to show what you can do.
    Just aim for 70%+ crit chance.


    Assassin's weapons and armour + Marauder trinkets will give you enough crit and a bit of survivability. If survivability is not a concern, replace Marauder's with Berserker's trinkets for some extra damage on crit. But in open world i find that it's nice to have a bit extra survivability because you're usually not full of boons as you would be in fractals or raids and the damage difference is minimal. Optionally, go full Berserker's, but that's very "glass cannon".

    I've put Chronomancer runes in the build because i like playing with wells and for the "theme". But you can replace those with any others that give precision, especially if you don't plan on using wells. As long as your crit is 70%+ you'll be fine. Arguably 50%+ crit is already fine but for this particular build i aimed for more crit.
    If you go full Berserker's, put Superior Rune of the Eagle or Superior Rune of the Scholar instead of Chrono runes.


    Dueling's Phantasmal Fury will give your phantasms more crit chance, Fencer's finesse is for shorter sword cooldowns and more crit damage with Superiority Complex. Dueling traitline will also apply bleed on crit, and that happens a lot on this build. So nice little bonus.

    Illusions traitline to buff your phantasms and shatters with Shatter Storm (extra shatter), Phantasmal Haste for quickness generation and Phantasmal Force for extra damage per might on you and might generation.

    Finally, Chronomancer elite will give your clones superspeed when you activate a shatter (which is helpful for a quicker burst damage application) with Time Catches Up, then Illusionary Reversion for clone generation (if you always shatter with 3 clones) and more quickness on Sieze the Moment. Additional quickness will come from Wells and Chronomancer runes.

    How to play:

    This is kind of a rotation for Veteran mobs and up. Trash mobs die in any few skills so you shouldn't have much trouble with them. Use Gravity Well to pull them close together, then Phantasmal Berserker and other wells to cleave through them while using any skill you want really...

    Your initial burst should look like this:

    Start with Greatsword's Spatial Surge at range to get the mob's attention, then as you go closer, Mind Stab to cripple them, summon Phantasmal Berserker, then Mirror Blade. I find best to Mind Stab first because then there's less chance that the Berserker will miss or will have to reposition himself. Cast Phantasmal Disenchanter and that will give you 3 clones to shatter. Shatter them with F1 Mind Wrack, and you'll be left with 1 clone due to Illusionary Reversion. As you're doing this, get close to the mob.
    Switch to Sword.
    If you're playing with Wells, use Well of Recall and Well of Action now. This will give you Alacrity and Quickness.
    As you're standing in wells, close to a mob (they pulse so you'll get the benefits "later"), use Illusionary Riposte because at that time, as you're close, you're probably going to bait at least one attack. If you see that there's no attack, use it again to daze/breakbar them. Follow with Illusionary Leap and Phantasmal Swordsman. If Riposte succeded, you'll have 3 clones again so shatter them. If not, if you used the daze, wait for the Swordsman to finish and become a clone before shattering. Finish with 1 full rotation of the auto attack.

    This rotation doesn't use Continuum Split as part of it. Use CS to get one extra cast of Gravity Well with no clone shatter. Gravity well takes 1s to cast so as you're casting it press F4. This will reset it back. Don't wait for the cast to finish, press F4 in the middle of casting Gravity Well.
    Super useful for breaking blue bars.

    Condi Mirage

    Honestly, the safest build i can recommend that's really "dumb" and easy is Hizen's staff mirage.

    Spam dodge and win. There's really nothing to add here except that you need Bowl of Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew for it to work reliably on Champs and up. Then your endurance bar fills with weapon swaps, and each dodge gives you might. It's not the strongest build but it's very safe and chill to play. Spam dodge with 3 clones and staff ambush. When you run out of endurance, swap weapons to another staff, rinse, repeat... Not much else to it.

    If you want to play Axe Mirage, the premise is the same largely, don't shatter clones immediately, use the food from Hizen's build, and spam axe ambush. You can switch to Scepter or Staff for your other slot. Offhand Torch and Pistol. Summon 3 clones, spam ambush, shatter, summon, spam, etc. There's no real rotation here or trait choices, it's a lot situation dependant rather than bursty with power. You can make a rotation sure, but i find that often, you'll always have to do something different in the rotation so just follow the basic premise of ambush attacks.

    The key in all Mirage builds is Infinite Horizon. This will make all your clones do an ambush rather than just you. So you'll stack condis like crazy. Use Viper's for a glass canon playstyle or Trailblazer's for a more relaxed tanky playstyle on Axe Mirage.

    World vs World

    Mesmer's role in WvW is veeery different than in PvE. Here you're support/utility. Don't try to be damage because mesmers do extremely badly in that regard in WvW.
    This is for large fights. I don't suggest roaming with a mesmer because they're really bad right now. If you do, just remember to add survivability to your gear. You can't just go glass canon in there, everyone will basically one hit you.

    Here's a support build that uses Minstrel's.

    I'm not going to go too deep into traits because they're self explanatory more or less. Domination for boonstripping, Inspiration for healing and Chronomancer for utility and Gravity Well.

    Your main job is to support your team with boonstripping and sustained heals.
    Boonstrips happen on Interrupt and with Null Field. So you want to Mimic that to get more uses out of it.
    Strongest Boonstrips are Null Field and Tides of Time.
    Gravity well for CC when your commander calls for it and for additional boonstrip if it interrupts due to Superior Sigil of Apsorption.
    Depending on what your commander likes to do, you might be called to slot Illusion of Life or Veil in your utility. But as with all group things WvW - you need to coordinate that with your team on discord or other voice comms.
    This build has a constant small stream of heals, but use Well of Eternity, ideally when the group isn't moving too much because it IS a well, it'll pulse and you won't get the full benefit unless the people are in it when it finishes. So try to predict the movements and cast it where the group is going to be rather than where it is.
    You can use CS to double either Tides of Time or Gravity Well, based on the situation. Don't rely on clones ever, they never survive group fights, and use CS without clones because it saves your postition. So if you use it with more than 0 or 1 clone, you could get out of position and potentially into danger when it ends. So just use it to double one of your skills.
    The rest of this build comes down to coordinating with your commander so that's as much as i can be of help there because this will vary greatly from commander to commander.

    Raids and Fractals

    There's nothing i can write here that hasn't already been said and explained on multiple websites so i'll just link those.



    Now, you have to understand that, especially for Raids - the linked builds are Meta builds. Meaning, no one is going to allow you into their group unless you specifically run the build explained on those sites. So the best thing to do, if you want to Raid, is to join a Raid training guild because Raids are more about mechanics than anything else. So if you don't know them, no build or rotation is going to help you. And to know them, someone has to teach them to you - hence joining a guild.
    The rotations are laid out in the links so practice them on the golems. They're pretty long though. Furthermore, not every build is good for every boss.
    So again... Raid training guild.

    Fractals are more forgiving than Raids, you can use a full Berserker's variant of my power Chrono build up to Tier 4. At Tier 4, every other profession becomes way better than a Mesmer and you might be having harder time there, especially in CMs. It's not impossible but it's just very tedious at times.