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Res cost catch 22


if you spend all you money on say crafting and then die in a place like... i don't know desert oasis for example and cannot afford the cost to revive at the waypoint how do you return your character to life? is there a free res to some inconvenient place i am missing or do all res cost money?

I may or may not be speaking from experience.


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    You can travel to the nearest waypoint for however much coin (including 0) you have as long as the waypoint isn't contested. If it is then the only way is to wait till its uncontested or have someone mail you the amount of silver needed for the next nearest waypoint. Or have someone nearby revive you themselves.

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    This happened to me once. I spent almost all my money on crafting materials, then went to Drytop to do some events while I waited for the orders to be filled, died and the waypoint cost was reduced to whatever I had at the time, died again and it was reduced to 0. Luckily after that the champion I was fighting died so that got me a bit of money, and I had more success with the following events and got more money, plus some stuff to sell.

    I've gotten back to zero money in my wallet again since then, purely by coincidence whatever I was buying from the TP cost exactly the amount I had. But that time I didn't leave LA before getting more money (from stuff I'd sold on the TP if I remember correctly) so there was much less risk of ending up dead.

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