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Deadeye's "Death's Judgement" in Kneeling pose bug

theres a bug with the ability when pressing either of the movement keys (w,a,s,d) or mouse1 & mouse2 at the same time and shooting Deaths judgement in the kneeling pose. the character will not shoot, but is revealed. no malice is consumed. its still problematic because it breaks the rotation.

how to trigger the bug:

  • kneel
  • mark target
  • have at least one malice charge
  • enter stealth
  • keep either WASD or mouse1+2 pressed
  • try to cast Deaths Judgement
  • nothing happens exept character is revealed
  • no malice is consumed
  • rotation = broken

bug show-off from youtube:


  • Addition:
    i played yesterday unranked conquest pvp and it seems that the same bug occures when the character cannot move because of foes abilities.