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[UK/EU] Returning Player Looking For Active Guild [PvE]

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I'm a returning player that hasn't been active since Icebrood Saga was announced and I'm wanting to find a friendly Guild that's active :)

A little history about myself, I used to play daily since launch 2012 but my Guild I was a part of slowly fizzled out and splintered around PoF release. I ended up joining a more 'Hardcore' Guild and heavily raided Wings 1-4 but ended up getting burnt out when good friends of mine I'd known since launch stopped playing.

After a long time away I feel my spark for GW2 has returned but I miss having an active Guild where you'd always have friendly conversation going and people grouping up for Events, World Bosses, Fractals, Dungeons etc.. I just want to feel like I have a home again in GW2, somewhere to relax after a busy day and chat with some friendly faces :)

I live in the UK, I'm in my late 20s and I'm a pretty quiet guy until I get to know someone well then I'll probably talk your ear off :p