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[NA][PvE][Semi-hardcore] Looking for an active guild with Discord!

Hey there, I'm new to the game (started playing about two months ago) and I'm looking for an active guild with some new friends to play along :) Im a semi-hardcore player, and so far I leveled up some characters to 80, now sticking with condi Weaver. Also, I own all the DLCs. English is not my native language so I might struggle a little bit with speaking on discord but I'm willing to try lol. Currently I'm only interested in PvE (maybe a lil bit of PvP too, tho I don't think I'm ready to WvW lol). My time zone is GMT -3 but I've played in NA guilds before (in other games) and I barely had any issues with it :P


  • Obs: I'd preffer a guild with at least a decent amount of veteran players so I can get some help when needed :P

  • Vayne.8563Vayne.8563 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Hey there. I run a PvE-centric guild called Wardens of Destiny (WoD). We're pretty casual, but we are pretty good at teaching the game. The only thing we don't do is raid (and some people in the guild do raid). One good thing about this game is you can have up to five guilds so you could have a raiding guild, and a more casual social guild. I see us as more of a teaching guild than anything else.

    Anyway you're welcome to join us on discord. Talk to us, get to know us. You can private message me here or in game. Hope to hear from you.