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LFGuild on RoS (PVE, WvW, casual player)

I play generally just enough to do dailies and move forward in personal story and Living World Seasons (these are time consuming so mostly in week-ends). Not very regular hours, but mostly between 22:00 and 23:00 CET on weekdays, and couple hours in CET afternoons during week-ends. Currently have a low-RAM computer, so I am sometimes at difficulty in big parties or crowded maps.
To be completely honest, the main reason why I am looking for a guild are unlocking the Scribe craftmanship, as I am mostly a loner for several reasons. While I am at it, I also don't mind, on occasion, joining group events, specially when Mastery Points I have not taken yet are to be gained. However, I cannot make appointments as I am unable to plan in advance where I am going to be able to play and for how long, so I'd like there to be a place to look at to find soon to-start teams for group events. Also ,if it is organized in the guild, I would not mind, at times, some training at PvP combat, as I am still getting grounded in a very short time in most skirmishes, and I have yet not been able to figure how my opponents make it.